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Privateers are seafarers commissioned by governments to work for them.



Two legs (Live or peg), at least one functioning hand (natural or prosthetic), some level of defense, knowledge of maritime maps and policies, immunity to seasickness

Career Progression

One first works as a steward, but as time goes on and renown is gained, one's diversity of roles increases.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment is secured in enemy loot and a steady paycheck.

Other Benefits

Travel, government protection and backing



To serve their kingdoms' will on the open oceans

Social Status

While respected in their home country as guardians and soldiers, privateers are treated no differently than pirates and enemies of war in enemy lands.


Privateers are a diverse bunch across all identities. Some are mercenaries, street rats, and actual pirates. Men, women; Half-Mages, Non-Mages.


In the past, the primary purpose of privateers was exploration, hoping to chart and colonize new lands just like the ones on, well, land. Also like on land, where there are valuables, there are thieves. So privateer groups quickly reworked their operations to become pirate hunters and protectors of maritime policy.



  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Bows
  • Cannons


Sail fabric, wooden planks, meal rations, cannonballs


The smell of the sea is a staple. When not on the job, privateers will hang around anywhere from taverns to government institutions looking for hire, gathering for intel, or spending their spoils.

Provided Services

Deliveries, raids, escorts, exploration

Dangers & Hazards

As with any maritime occupation, the risk of being lost at sea is very real, not to mention retaliation from pirates or rival privateers. Until relatively recently, scurvy was the leading cause of premature deaths among privateers.
Alternative Names
Marine Merc, Pirate
Varies by location
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16 Aug, 2022 09:19

I like the Qualifications for the Job and can imagine the Job-interview:
"Arr, so yee can stand on yee two feet? Arr, yee have a hand? What two? Well that is good, not over qualifying, but good to have one spare hand at... hand!"

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