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Non-Mage is a term used to describe those who cannot use magic.

Transmission & Vectors



The inability to use magic and biological harm upon attempting to manipulate pure Jochuynyx.


Only a miracle could restore magic to a Non-Mage.

Affected Groups

Those with cursed bloodlines


After fending a resistance against him and the Astral Plane, Sephiran initially gave the individuals involved mercy, but they continued to defy the gods. As punishment, Sephiran forever cursed their bloodlines by sealing away their magic in what would become known as The Scouring. The conspirators were allowed to live, but they were scorned by the rest of society, and most were quickly excommunicated. The afflicted were so desperate to gain their magic back, that some turned to unscrupulous means such as those provided by Mana Requiem; however, this only resulted in a great loss of life. A majority of the survivors set upon to find other ways of restoring their names. One of these groups includes the ancestors of House Falchion--a line known for the famous Non-Mage warriors Bartel Palanin and his son, Kalon Palanin. His son, Eric, was the first of his family able to use magic since the Scouring.

Cultural Reception

Formerly ostracized as their ancestors were branded heretics. Over time, however, tensions began to ease as the excommunicated were replaced by more tolerant descendants.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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9 Aug, 2022 04:49

Oooooh, I absolutely love and adore when worldbuilding considers what it means to have magic or not have magic for a society in a world where there is magic. From this article, your world reads to have a higher mage population than non-mage, and that shifts the balance of "who stands out more." You read to have put a lot of thought into how the non-mage minority would be seen, treated, and change both in how they're viewed and how they interact with others over time.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive