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Tyria is the coastal town in Sephran.



Tyria does not really have a government in the traditional sense of a strong centralized political entity, as to Tyrians, all that red tape just gets in the way and divides people, though there is some protective law enforcement in the form of guardians--attracting mercenaries and privateers.


Though not intentional, as any coastal town does, there is a legion of apex predators and other dangerous sea creatures surrounding the coastline. The people also have strings of tree fibers and leaves that can be burned to disorient enemies.

Industry & Trade

Tyria may seem to use tourism as a crutch, but that is far from the case. The people there are the world's leading exporters of high-quality ocean fish, tropical fruit, and volcanic rocks. They are known for their frequent and lavish parties. In exchange, islanders receive goods from the mainland.


Tyria has well-kept shipyards.


Seafood, pearls; nightclubs, inn

Guilds and Factions

The The Black Parrot Pirates serve as the city's main force of organized defense, dealing with evildoers and disrupting opposing sides during wartime (and stealing their stuff).


People from all walks of life travel to vacation in Tyria be it for the clubs, parties, beautiful beaches, or just to get away from it all.


Most of the older buildings were constructed using palm tree fibers. Increased access to trade has allowed for occasionally more modern constructions. Bright and pastel colors abound.


A coastal town on the sandy island of Camshire. The views are unparalleled, especially at sunrise and sunset, though the rest of the day's sight is nothing to scoff at.

Natural Resources

Fish, music, obsidian, tropical fruit, salt
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