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  The Victory is a ship steeped in history and myth. With the invention of Foldspace Technology dating back almost 200 B.G. (Before Guild) the spark for victory was lit. Work began on the Victory in 88BG as directed by Norma's son Adrien Venport. The first sighting of the Victory as with the launch of the Spacing Guild in 1BG.
Norma Cenva [b. 218 BG], also known as the Oracle, Oracle of Time, Oracle of Infinity or Oracle Infinity, was one of the most important figures in all of human history, as the designer of the first foldspace ship, the first Navigator, and the co-founder of the Spacing Guild. She eventually evolved into an omnipotent Oracle guiding the Guildsmen.
— Norma Cenva (Dune Fandom Wiki)

  The Victory was Norma's dream given form by her son Adrien Venport even if he could not realize the ultimate goal of the ship. Norma saw many possibilities for the future including one unlikely possibility that blended high-technology with navigator prescience. She began to gather specific and strategic scraps of technology integrating them into the ship in advance of the ravaging times of the Cult of Serena that would become the fanatical Butlerian Movement. The Victory was one of a hand-full of Alpha ships created after the prototype ship on Poritrin. The impedes would have been the League Destroyers class called Javelins at the time.  

Navigator Chambers




Heart Module


The Victory is outfitted with three types of propulsion systems, Foldspace Engines, conventional Faster-than-Light engines as well as sub-light engines.

Weapons & Armament

Rail guns, missiles, point-defense cannons and laz-guns.

Armor and defense

Augmented armor plating and Holtzman Shields.
Norma, Norma's Victory
Creation Date
173 B.G.
Important Characters
  • Zufa Cenva (mother)
  • Aurelius Venport (husband)
  • Adrien Venport (son)

  • Cover image: Modiphius Dune RPG


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