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Flying Carpets

I heard that the Duke and Duchess of Wardel prefer to travel into and out of Cindurria via carpet. It makes no sense since the Duke is apparently a decent magic user capable of teleporting into and out of the country at will. I heard that he Duchess is a decent magic user too. She is. So I don't know why they travel via carpet. But it is nice to actually see them when they come around.

Flying carpets are fairly popular in Fika, and used by many to get around cities. Traveling with them is generally faster then using an animal drawn cart, or even a magical cart. Flying carpets, like many magical transportation items come in several tiers:
  • the smallest carpet, generally about 3 feet by 5 feet has a max speed of about 100 feet and can carry roughly 200 lbs.
  • the next size up, approximately 4 feet by 6 feet can max out at about 80 feet and can carry about 400 lbs
  • the next size, 5 feet by 7 feet can travel about 60 feet and carry about 600 lbs on it
  • the last tier is 6 feet by 9 feet, carry about 800 lbs on it, and has a movement speed about 40 feet.

  • Flying carpets are often used in conjunction with pocket dimensions to get places faster and transport more people with out the traditional weight limits coming into play. A higher tier enchanter can craft a carpet to move faster then a lower their enchanter.

    The enchantments to craft a flying carpet are common, but not cheap, and as such generally more wealthy individuals are seen with carpets. An enchanter may craft a carpet in hopes of showing off his skills, but these carpets are generally slower, or smaller then carpets enchanted by more skilled individuals.

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