703, Cyna 52

Current Date Milleadh (MC): 52 Cyna, 703

Current Date For Storia (FSC): 2 Vromisk, 914

Neither good nor evil, Aegimius just is. The various worlds and planes that revolve around and within Aegimius exist both independently and in concert of one another. Our stories primarily take place on For Storia and Milleadh.


With the recent discovery of ancient technology, the races of Milleadh work to incorporate their existing magic with this newly discovered technology. Humans who have spent the last 1100 years as being looked down on as untrustworthy and incapable of great magic suddenly find many other races turning towards them, hopeful and curious.

Will the humans rise to the occasion and help them understand this technology and how it can work with the world's magic, or will generations of pain get in the way?

Can you help the races of the world come together to better tend to Milleadh and the potential threat posed by outside forces, or will you drive a further wedge into an already tense situation?

For Storia

Centuries after being cut off from the Gods, For Storia has rediscovered the technology of the old world and began infusing it with the magic of the new world. Suddenly part of the world finds itself cutoff from Magic completely, individuals stuck in their pocket dimensions, secrets revealed, ancient entities awakening.


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