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Being a cartographer is one of the most rewarding professions that an individual can take up. We shape the way those around us see the world and that is a powerful act. So go out, explore, document, let no land remain unknown.
— Guild Master Brennus from Banar-Kinting

In some cultures being a cartographer is one of the most prestigious positions that a person can choose to take up. Being a cartographer takes several years of training at the hands of master cartographers, and years further to develop one's own style. Many who choose to take up the field do so at an early age so that by the time they reach the age of majority they are ready to go out and explore the world, documenting what they find.


Because of the prestige of being a cartographer many master cartographer only accept apprentices once every 8 years, when their previous apprentices begin the work of developing their own style.

Years 1-4
The first four years, cartographers study various landforms and copy a master's map, learning the scale, forms, and other aspects that make the various maps important for society.
Years 5-8
During the next four years intermediate cartographers will go out into the field with the masters to work alongside them in developing maps.
Years 9-10
The last two years we urge an intermediate cartographer to go out and start working on their own body of work. During these years the cartographer may take on jobs for their master to complete in their steed, or may take up their own jobs.

Training for a cartographer can take up to 10 years, which is part of what makes it such a prestigious position in society. During this time they not only learn how to make maps, but they also learn the magic necessary to enchant messages into their maps.

The cartographers of Aegimius are well versed in illusionary magic and can cast it through the use of their cartographer tools. Besides being able to use their tools as a spell casting focus, the cartographers can decode secrets in another cartographer's map, allowing them to share secret messages and warn each other of impending danger.

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