Amanda Zumren


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born as a member of the Zumren Family, Amanda didnt agree with the lifestyle and chose to run away when she reached her age of majority. She ran with her pet monkey Nasu to the only place that her family wouldn't follow her; The Red Wood Forest.     The forest being magical in its own right, not only accepted her, but guided her to Daphal, who not only lived in the forest but served as its chief protector.   During their escape, Nasu stole a journal from the head of the cult. This journal taught Amanda to be a cartographer.


Hobbies & Pets

Amanda's most trusted companion was a monkey named Nasu. This small primape was a very capable theif, and very overprotective of Amanda and those she cared for. Nasu perished in 495 at the hands of a powerful wizard after flinging poo at them. Nasu was one of the infamous Nasu's who actually started the rivalry with the Bob's after Bob the Parrot stole Nasu's Banana Hoard from Daphal's pocket house.
Which organization do you belong to?
Current Location
215 495 280 years old
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  1. Elvish
  2. Common
  3. Draconic
Associated Documents:
  • Amanda's Journal

Articles under Amanda Zumren

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