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Cult of Zumren

4 Blorowth 488

My grandmother fancied our family as equals to Queen Meira and her family, if not the betters of them. I heard her telling grandfather once that they only reason Meira was in power was because she made it so. I've even overheard her making grand plans in regards to the queens unborn child.
-Amanda Zumren about her grandmother Rania


The cult of the Zumren was started by Rania Zumren, shortly after Hirta closed the Divine gate blocking the gods from the World of For Storia. It started on the god's land of Guardanus, and as she traveled with a group of Elves looking for a new home, gained power, until her and her family officially became worshiped in the Kingdom of Cindurria. Rania was the only known leader of the cult and her followers did attrocious acts in her name, and in the name of Madness.

After the death of the family in 516 the Zachry family took over the leadership of the cult until another Zumren took up the reigns. Evil acts continued, including but not limited to the execution of innocent individuals who claimed that the Zumrens weren't gods. Individuals who disagreed with the teachings of the Zumrens were maimed or slaughtered in their name.


The organization was destroyed by a group of individuals led by Julian Magnus from 659-660.

Tenets of Faith
  • Spread madness throughout the planes. The more madness the stronger the Zumren family gets
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Zumren Crest in Stained Glass
by MandoMc Designs
The Zumren family crest in stained glass as seen on the front door of the Zumren House. The window was gifted to the Zumren family by Queen Meira.
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Subsidiary Organizations


After the loss of her brother, Hirta goddess of magic, created three beings. Beings that would help her lock the other gods behind a gate, freeing For Storia from their war. These three beings were created using the forces of Chaos, Destruction, and Madness.

For one thousand years the families fought along side Hirta, the beings getting married, having children, and allowing their lines and powers to grow. Some say they were powerful enough to stand up to a god together. There are those who claim that one of the ancient flying cities was brought down by several of them. Individually these beings were terrifying, but when they worked in a group, their power grew.

Realizing that there was a greater power in keeping her family close and under her thumb, Rania Zumren, increased the reach of her power by taking her children and following a group of elves to another continent. How Rania Zumren came to control her family is a bit of a mystery. However, stories say she slaughtered any cousins and siblings of hers that disagreed with her. Starting the cult's history of killing any dissenters.

Granted Divine Powers

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Members of this cult are granted the limited ability to read another's mind and given the ability to impose their will on individuals. Any creatures summoned or changed into take on an abarotional quality and tend to favor darker hues of blues, purples and greens with tendrils along the body.


Worship of the Zumren family includes causing madness in the world, and generally killing or maiming anyone who speaks against the Zumren Family.

When Alynys uncovered a sect of the cult who had remained hidden since the destruction in 660, Alynys changed their direction, and the work they did in the world. Members of the cult have sworn to protect the Zumren family. The remaining 6 members of the cult were split to protect her family, and were put to work helping to protect the city of Alnerwick, at Alynys' request.

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