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Alynys Chalice

Alynys Chalice- Inalen Zumren Fenquen


Alynys was left at the Inkwell Temple in the city of Vetande, by her parents shortly after her birth. Despite asking, Alynys has been told nothing about her parents. Growing up in the temple, she had two very close friends, her brother Belis Fenquen, who eventually joined the Alnerwick militia, and Efril, who eventually grew to despise her, for reasons unknown to Alynys.

As she grew, Alynys split her days between "getting lost" in the library, and her duties at the temple. With the guidance of Head-priest Julian Magnus, and others at the temple Alynys learned the basics of Alchemy and Calligraphy, which assisted in her work as a scribe.

After a short lived experience with a "mystical" pink bunny that Alynys referred to as Sir BunBun, her love of both nature and animals had been cemented, and she began her druidic studies. Between this and her love for knowledge, Alynys ended up as an apprentice on the Druidic Council, after discovering a secret that should have better remained hidden.

Her thirst for knowledge did result in her becoming a bit of a sneak in order for her to find and read the books she wanted to read. A habit which may have carried over into her adult years. The knowledge she gains from these tomes is often used for the benefit of her fellow citizens.

She has had a thirst for knowing more about where she came from and who her parents were, and was never quite satisfied with the answers of, “we don’t know.”


Alynys had a through education overseen by Head Priest Magnus of the Inkwell temple. She was also trainined in various Finesse weapons by her father Fin Fenquen.


While living in Vetande Alynys did various jobs as requested by the temple and library and frequently helped out throughout the city, trading her time for various goods instead of coin, and grateful to be of assistance.
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Type of Madness
Unique Magical Ability
Manipulating Emotions
Date of Birth
For Storia Calendar
22 Brivesh 780
Milleadh Calendar
Indis 13, -187
Parents (Adopted)
Fin Fenquen & Cynthia Fenquen

Personal Charistics

  • There's nothing I like more than a good mystery.
  • I'm willing to listen to every side of an argument before I make my own judgment.
  • Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.
  • I quote (or misquote) sacred texts and proverbs in almost every situation.
  • No Limits. Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence. (Chaotic)
  • Charity. I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost (good)
  • I've been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.
  • Everything I do is for the Common people
  • Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.
  • I am easily distracted by the promise of information.
Popular quotes
  • I am under no obligation to make sense to you.
Intellectual Characteristics
Alynys is confident in her intelligence and her ability to quickly learn things. She has a constant and some would say unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which has often gotten her in trouble in the past. Alynys's desire for answers is generally her downfall.
Known Languages
  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Celestial
  • Sylvan
  • Elvish
  • Druidic
  • Primordial
  • Fiendish


When Alynys gets nervous she often fiddles with the intricately carved door shaped token she wears around her neck. When her necklace is unavailable she will strum her fingers or twist her wedding rings.

Cobalt Blue
Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone
165 lbs
Hirta & Asuna

Midnight Watchers

While working with the Midnight Watchers Alynys' Zumren Family Magic was unlocked. In an effort to not be like previous Zumrens Alynys chose to take a support role in the group, guarding and helping to crowd control enemies allowing Meltrin Legallow, Hades Forfall, Quzal Sezo of Fur, and River Runlath the necessary time to dispatch of enemies.


It wasn't until several hundred years after the families arrival on Milleadh that Alynys finally gained the power of the Head of the Zumren Family and became The Chalice. This event occured right before the birth of Orson and Julian, and shortly after her kidnapping at the hands of Alucard and Celeste (see: Celeste Battle).


Alynys Chalice

Wife (Important)

Towards Otto Chalice



Otto Chalice

Husband (Important)

Towards Alynys Chalice




Otto showed up the evening of the "Fight for Alnerwick" where the Watchers fought against him, Solaris, Michael, Stein, and Ilvilgia, to replace the individual who Alynys was supposed to go on an arranged date with. Although this was meant to be Alynys' last date, this was the first one that went decently well, that she didn't throw into the river. Subsequent dates occured, often in secret, through the first month, until her family found out. Things moved both quickly and slowly at the same time with Alynys moving into his house during their second month together.

Legal Status

Husband and Wife

Articles under Alynys Chalice

The council
11th of Formurst 816

I met with the council this morning. Many of them didn’t seem to want to budge. And Mr. Aften ended up walking out. I’ve been given a month before they decide if the previous arrangement will stand or not. In that month I’m to learn about what the Zumren family has done. I’ve been provided a list of books by Mr. Heist, along with a group of individuals to interview. I will also still be training.

I have three months or else
10 Formurst 816

I met with Mr. Heist yesterday about the fight. He gave us 20K gold for participating. I’ve added it to the house funds. I told Mr. Heist that it wasn’t right that he made us fight when one member of the party wasn’t feeling well. It was dangerous. He went down the path that they had things in place and it was necessary for us to fight with me not feeling well, since they had a theory about why that was. You remember back when I mentioned the totems that were causing Alnerwick’s madness and Hirta's three families? Mr. Heist seems to think that I either am a Zumren, or a strong descendent of one of their followers. He can’t tell which. He did some “soul searching” I guess would be the best term for it, and decided that I should start training with his eldest son Velvet to learn to control my powers. Particularly since yesterday’s emergency meeting was about me. Apparently, the council has given me three months to learn to control my magic or they will deal with me as they see fit. While Mr. Heist isn’t thrilled about it, there’s apparently not much he can do. He said that there were four of the council members that didn’t agree with it, but the other six were adamant about going down this path. I wasn’t even there to defend myself. Though apparently Grandfather tried to dissuade them. To no avail, it turned out.   I confronted Grandfather about the meeting this morning. He said he was going to tell me today, and didn’t seem thrilled that Mr. Heist told me. He arranged for me to meet the council members tomorrow after I asked if it was possible. I’m terrified about this, but how can they decide the fate of a member of the city without input from that citizen? I mean, it’s not like I knew what I was doing or even capable of. I don’t even know what everyone’s afraid of. And I will admit that is slightly scary in its own right, but shouldn’t I be judged for who I am, not what they think I may or may not even do?   Grandfather said the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.

8 Formorst 816

I ended up going to Aften and Chalice this morning. Apparently the gentlemen who was supposed to take me out last night was bragging about “banging” one of Alnerwick’s saviors at the Quiet Moon and Mr. Chalice, I mean Otto, over heard it. As a result he ended up putting the man in one of the City Squares, naked, on the gallows with a note saying how in acceptable it was.   I took River with me this morning to confront him about it, and he insisted that I start calling him Otto, and didn’t apologize for what he did. I do admit that while I am grateful that someone else was looking out for me, I think I should be a bit sad that I didn’t get to throw him into the river for River to fish out.   I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself. The calmness seems to be disappearing.   Grandfather got called into an emergency council meeting today. I wonder what it was about. I hate these emergency meetings. They always make me feel uneasy.

The Fight in front of the City
7th Formurst 816

We had to fight today. A battle in front of the whole city. And even though I wasn’t feeling good at the start of it, I do feel very calm now that it’s over. Perhaps it’s due to what happened during the fight, but Grandfather doesn’t seem to know. The ten of us were put against the Iron Fist, Michael VaSir, the Blood Witch, Solaris Vasir, the Mad Scientist, Stein, Dead Eye, Ilvilgia, and the Philosopher, Mr. Chalice.   We met members of this party on three separate occasions. First Michael and Solaris came at us. They left without us beating them, but we would run into them again. Shortly after that we ran into Stein. He said that I was just like my mother. I have no clue if he means Momma or my birth mother. I do hope to be able to ask him later this week. I lost my vision near, as far as I can tell the end of the fight. I heard River crying hysterically, Belis said Quzal attacked him again. We have no idea why any of this happened, but various members of the team were effected. My sight was some how restored by Stein touching my forehead. Finally we ended up at the final fight. I was able to banish Solaris for a little while, which upset Michael severely. Man shot me several times because of it. I fell unconscious at some point and Zulo brought me back. Then after we brought River back, she did something so strange. She sent a pulse out of her trident. It did some massive damage to Chalice, Michael, Solaris and Ilvilgia. Couldn’t believe it.   All things said and done, we won the fight. We were not expected to win this fight, but we did.   Then there was the date tonight. Mr Chalice showed up. Momma seemed shocked as this isn’t who my date was meant to be with. Surprisingly this was my best date yet. Johann picked out my clothes for the date. Something I normally wouldn’t wear, but he assured me it was appropriate for a date. Mr. Chalice took me to a nice restaurant and had everything placed on his tab. The staff seemed rather confused by this, even the chief, but it was done. Afterwards he took me dancing. I really only saw him during the slow numbers, which since he was my date for the night I did dance with him during. It was kinda nice not having to bat off random people. Nori was there doing something….He seemed to leave in a hurry.   Mr. Chalice said he’d like to go out with me again……I was happy that the last date Momma was making me go on was such a good one, and was ecstatic to be done with them. I don’t really know why I said yes to him, but I did. I just hope Momma doesn’t find out……at least until I’m ready.

The day we find out Sylas can do good
5 Formorst 816

We were requested to escort Luna, Salrun, and Rak to Newlaness today. Newlaness is a relatively new town that was established in the Oak forest within the last 3 weeks. We left with Luna successfully establishing a peace treaty with them. And then we got assigned guard duty to the new ambassador Davad.   And wouldn't you know it, as we're escorting Davad to his new home, Sylas shows up. And he's being worshiped as a god by Davad because somehow Sylas was able to free some of them from their confinement in the ruins of their city. Of all the things.

Will I always be Alynys Fenquen
4 Formorst 816

Belis suggested that I just be Alynys Fenquen. It's hard. I've never been Alynys Zumren. She's always been hidden, and truly I've never known why. Why is this name such a secret? When will I finally find the answers about it? Is it related to the Zachry name somehow? I know the crests are similar, but grandfather hasn't shared anything new with me. I know we've only been in Alnerwick for a couple of weeks officially........I hate not having the answers to these questions.   So the tavern thing was just to sign a new contract. According to Mr. Heist, grandfather is okay with the 5,000 gp in the event of mine and Belis' death as that's sufficient money to resurrect our "useless carcass" I can't believe Grandfather referred to us like that.   We had a great lunch at a local cafe after signing the contract. I felt something tickle the back of my mind today. But was able to shrug it off. Almost like someone was trying to get in. Just shortly after desert River, Quzal, and Mike attacked us. I wonder if they were charmed.     I never want to fight against them again. Mike, Alasara, River, and Quzal. It was brutal. Especially fighting against Mike and Alasara. Belis ended up downing Quzal.   Thankfully whatever was affecting them ended, apparently just after the Fiend disappeared. Tobias and Meltrin saw her. I can't believe she's back. And so soon. Mr. Aften "killed" Sylas to go find more information. Hopefully, he finds something. We've been summoned to the Quiet Moon tomorrow. Can't wait to see what this is about.

New Place settings
3 Formorst 816

I can't believe Sylas ate all the plates, knives, and most of the forks. He's such a bottom-less pit. I'm grateful that River paid me back after bailing her out last night. I mean Quzal did too, but still. And some of the party actually gave me money towards the upgrades of the pocket house, and a room for Quzal, and now Tobias. Now the house is full again unless Momma, Pappa, and Grandfather wish to give up their rooms. Which knowing them they might. I hate how insistent Momma is about me sleeping in my room in the manor. I get her wanting to have us all under one roof, but it technically is under the manor's roof.   We decided as a group today to change our name to the Midnight Watchers. I'm not crazy about it, but I will admit I do like it better than the Relentless Hounds of the Sea. That was a mouthful.   I wonder what Solari wants to see us about at the Quiet Moon tomorrow at noon.

2 Fomurst 816

Well, here we go again. Someone else will be joining us. Apparently, River had a rather large debt with Mr. Heist that Mr. Aften agreed to pay off in exchange of us taking Tobias for the next year and a half, and him incurring a 20K debt for trying to steal from Mr. Aften and Grandfather. The year and a half timeline is a very common for punishment from Grandfather.   Also found out that a new contract is being drawn up by Mr. Heist for us, since we have Quzal, and now Tobias joining us. This also means another battle. From the sounds of it, much different than the last one. I hate these battles. And of course, we know nothing about how Tobias fights. I have no clue how to even start preparing for this.   Momma's upset with be because I'm refusing to use the room in the Manor instead of the room in the pocket house. I mean we did just pay for the pocket house to be upgraded, and it was a rather heafty sum too. I mean 8K gold for a new floor, with two rooms for her, Pappa, and Grandfather, and then the two rooms on the floor everyone else sleeps on. And now that second room is full.......I sincerely hope that we do not get any more people. I don't want to have to add more rooms to this house.

Letter to Mamma
2 Florvid 816

Dear Mama Cynthia,   We’ve now left Teedon. While there it seems we’ve taken in an Orange and white Tabaxi famed Quzal. He had stollen a coin purse with a future dated note with the seal of one Artgallin Giolla. Evened up coming and discussing it with Father Magnus, and while I know how you feel about Mr. Heist, apparently this Goilla fellow is worse. Aren’t you glad it’s not him I’m working for?   Belis and I are doing fine.   I did manage to “nap” one of my colleagues while we were tending to some necessary business in Alnerwick. Just like Belis and I have done countless times around Vetande. Sadly I guess it’s not something the guards here are use to as they yelled for me to stop as I was already diapparating home to get River back for calling me Alynye. By Ioun how I hate that name.   I’m sure by now you’ve heard how I chased dow a Triton through town who was screaming about them finding here and the ocean being bad. That was River……..I don’t know why she seems to hate the ocean so much. But she sure loves the fish.   Well, I’m heading back to Alnerwick now to see if I can smooth this thing over.   Oh, just got a book of sending too. Apparently I interrupted adult time between Mr and Mrs Vasir with my last update…..hope you love the teapot made by Ms Alice!   Al

Death of Richye & I was bat-napped
6 Zenith 816

Richye died today. He was good friends with Belis. Mr. Heist gave Belis the day off so he served as our guide today, and we found his body…I was using a bat as a familiar to scout…I didn’t even realize that he was amongst the Raid party. I was keeping watch ahead of us when we actually came upon the bodies. All I could do was stand there while Belis dealt with the loss of a good friend, someone he very well considered a brother. The only comfort I could offer was a picture of Richye from the other night. He sounded fun from the stories Mike, Belis, and Alasara told of him tonight. I can tell his presence will be deeply missed.   I also got bat napped by a member of the Alnerwick council today, Levine. Not only napped, but trapped. I couldn’t leave my wildshape form. So while Belis was dealing with the loss of a friend he was also taking care of my body, while my conscience was pulled across town in my bat. Thankfully Mr. Aften was able to help. And me getting napped like that did allow us to know who was responsible and where they were hiding. Plus I was able to sketch not only the lady who napped me, but the portrait of Plotina, the council members whose house we were held below or in. And we found some of the missing people, we haven’t rescued them yet, but we found them. Mr. Aften assured them that they will be rescued soon.   From what I could gather the plan is to storm the house tomorrow, take down the two council members involved and free the people. Belis, Mike and Alasara will all be reporting for duty as normal tomorrow. I do pray that they will be safe, that we will all be safe….   Sarah was missing for most of the day today as well, but did return tonight to stay with Belis.     [picture of Richye]

When we discover the house was enchanted by Gilmore
5 Zenith 816

Today was another interesting day. I got to use my Wild companion to summon a bat familiar which didn't last to long, as it was killed by several imps. And the imps we did fight today caused me to wild shape into a bear in order to keep the others from taking to much damage. I will admit I am glad for this feature.   Koran seems to have fallen ill rather quickly to the plague that is affecting Alnerwick. Priest Robert did not have a greater restoration available for her, but did call a local acolyte to sit with her for the day. I should have probably checked on her before I headed to bed, but I’m sure Priest Robert would have let us know if she got worse.   We did get to have a celebration today. I even learned some things about not just who the Heist clan considers family, but also about my pocket house. According to Mr. Chalice the house is about 300-350 years old and was enchanted by someone named Gilmore, who was apparently very fashionable for his time.   Mr. Aften got very drunk and gave me a sword when I asked to borrow a book. I did give it to the women who appeared to be his wife, I mean she did throw a cup at him after he said his wife wrote explicit books.   This is an interesting group in Alnerwick. I will admit. I mean I have done research for them in the past, but actually meeting them….it’s a strange experience.   River found a smugglers box today. Apparently there are some disturbing things inside, even if the couldn’t get it open. If they couldn’t get it open how do they know exactly what’s inside.   Also Belis has off tomorrow, all thanks to Mr. Heist. I guess we’ll see if that means he actually gets to spend the day just relaxing, in a town that’s not really open for business as normal, or if that means he’ll end up in the sewers with me and the others.   I wonder where Sarah has been all day.

Day 2 in Alnerwick
4 Zenith 816

Today was interesting to say the least. Belis vanished this morning. I'm so very grateful to Sarah who found him within a few short minutes. I don't recall ever seeing her so scared. And to be honest, when I saw him lying there, feverish, unconscious, I was terrified that I had lost my dearest friend. But to be honest, I am glad we found him when I consider what could be the alternative. AS we now think that the people who have gone missing could be serving as hosts for succubae or incubi. Which sounds like a much worse fate if the book of Mr. Aften's that I read is to be believed. After we found Belis and put him to bed with Sarah standing guard, a couple of the people I arrived in town with and I made our way to the town guard and joined Belis' scouting group down in the sewers. It took a couple of hours but we did eventually find something. Imps. We fought 4 lesser imps and a greater imp. The imps said something that I didn't understand, but Mr. Aften said that it was essentially telling others to retreat back to their commander. The great imp had an interesting talisman on him that bore a similar crest to that which adorns the back of my pocket house. There were two other crests on the back as well. Which I have come to learn to represent families called Fordarv and Kupp. Apparently, the three families are connected, each family being ancient and powerful, and apparently ruling in their own rights. Mr. Aften couldn't, or wouldn't really tell me more…… The talisman we found is only 4-5 months old. If the Zumren line died off 150-200 years ago, how could their crest be on my pocket house, or on the talisman? How could it be my last name? Is it even the same Zumren line? Every time I seem to find some clue….I end up with more questions. One day I'll find out about the Zumren name, and if it is truly mine. If Priest Robert and Father Magnus are right to be a bit uneasy or scared then I may have dug myself into a hole tonight. One that I may not be able to get out of. Priest Robert told them that I saw the figure in a book, that of course they now want to see. I only hope that Father Magnus can find something to help get us out of this pickle…..or rather me….. Apparently, Alasara and Mike are a thing. I find it interesting with them being in the same scout group. Father Magnus' letter did confuse me a tad. If I don't know about it, shouldn't I ask? Especially if these people have the information that I seek. Father Magnus knows how long I've been looking for information on who I am, where I come from, and why I was specifically left at the Inkwell Temple. My motivations aren't a secret, particularly from him. Is there more to the people of Alnerwick? I did sense that I wasn’t' given the whole truth today…..could they have the answers that I seek?

First Day in Alnerwick
3 Zenith 816

As I was taking a book from the restricted section to Father Magnus today the strangest thing happened. I magically ended up in Alnerwick. Three others appeared just after I did too. Thanks to Ioun I remembered the general shape of the city. Sadly the city is mostly dead at the moment. It's been plagued by sickness and it seems like a curse. Father Robert says it's similar to something that appears to have happened in Cindurr 350 years ago. Although that wasn't discovered until Belis, his companions, and I dug up a corroded sigil/ward that it seems a Mr. Aften and some others placed around town about 200 years ago. They stunk of sulphur.   One of the others that appeared in town around the same time I did, was able to connect the smell and corrosion with the local plant life dying.   I recall that there was a tube under the sigil that I dug up. I should have inspected it. Maybe I can check to see if any other sigils have tubes under them, or if I can make it back to the one I dug up. I wonder where that tube leads.   Belis decided he didn't want to go back to the barracks so he belly-flopped onto the bed in the room I've been provided in his armor. I swear that guy could crash anywhere. Thankfully I have my house. I am grateful though because there is no telling what or who could be outside in the room awaiting me in the morning. One never knows when they are in an unfamiliar place.

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