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The Archivist

Asuna knows, sees, and records all. She is said to be a font of information and a source of guidance for those who seek her help. Those who worship her believe that by studying the world and organizing information, they can improve the lives of those around them and stand against the chaos of the world. Knowledge is the most powerful tool her followers can wield, and but using it wisely, they can create a better world for all.

Followers of Asuna do far more in Aegimius than just record important historical information. They are encouraged to put their knowledge to work, using it to bring order and help those in need. By studying the past, a deep understanding of the present can be gained, which can help shape a better future.

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Holy Day

Scholars, librarian, and other worshipers will gather today for a day of debates and sharing of new information. Other people will use the day to reflect on the knowledge and wisdom they have learned over the past year.


She is frequently depicted as a wise and regal figure holding a scroll or book. Variations will have her seated with an all-seeing eye behind her watching all, or holding an hourglass symbolizing the passage of time.


Shotia and most of his worshipers, particularly those involved in the dark arts or certain branches of Necromancy stand against Asuna and work to spread deception, and misinformation, or keep the world ignorant of what is going on.


  • Seek truth and knowledge at all times.
  • Organize information for the greater good.
  • Share your knowledge freely, but use it wisely.
  • Respect the wisdom of your elders and the knowledge of your peers.
  • Remember that some secrets are meant to be kept, but never use that knowledge for personal gain.
  • Continuously improve your own understanding of the world and pass that knowledge on to others.
  • GM
    Which organization do you belong to?
    • Knowledge
    • Order
    • Time
    Current Location
    Archive of the Ages

    Day of Enlightenment

    For Storia Calendar
    Blorowth 1
    Milleadh Calendar
    Indis 50

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    Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney


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