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To my dearest cousin

To my dearest cousin,

I hope that Cindurria is thriving. Sylas tells me that things seem worse all across Fika under Orym's rule. And I do fear for your safety. I wish we were able to get you off of the planet. I fear something bad is coming. I fear for the safety of all those we left behind, specfically you Eros and Fexiah.

Fate has left cryptic messages once more. And again I see the city that I called home for so many years burning. Skeletons scattered everywhere, buildings broken. And the dream expands, not only is it the streets of Alnerwick, but Cindurria, Snakehelm, even Vetande. Jesterian, I fear it falls to you to find a way to prevent this. You and Fexiah, and Eros. I pray to any God and Goddess that will listen that what ever power they can send to For Storia is enough to stop this impending doom.

When I wake in the morning it's obvious that Otto is unhappy with the visions, and yet, Fate never ceases. The severity of the visions......Abraxas said he felt it across the city we have now made our home. They've increased the protections on the house, and Otto's suggested we return to sleeping in the pocket house instead of our main bedroom. I'm tempted to return to the mountain, for the safety of everyone else.

Domo keeps trying to take on more then he should at his tender age of 5. His future is so clear and strong in my eyes, and ears. The spirits filter about him, unlike anything I have seen. I can only hope that his education continues to be facilitied by our family. He spends his mornings with Ink and Maximus going through documents and requests and strategizing. Stein works with him on alternate afternoons on science and alchemy, with Abraxas and Otto working with him on the other days. I fear the day that he comes into his full power Jesterian. To think we'll see his ascension in our lifetimes....Perhaps he'll even break down the gate and we'll be together once more.

Has Eros been a huge help? Our last update from him said he was spending most of his time in the Red Wood Forest, or Orym had taken a particular interest in trying to keep him away, and that you have started to spend more time in the Red Wood Forest as well. It at least lightens my heart that Orym can't physcially hurt you.

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