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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a letter sent in secret by a well-known person in your world
A total of 254 entries

The Blood Letters of Queen Margeshed

Au dela de la haine ancestrale

A Missive To The Liaison of the Joint Northlands Settlement Expedition

Correspondence from the King

"To Lady Jessia" —Betrayal!

The Last Letter of the Song Arcanum

Letters from The Wicked Witch to Harmonia

A Plea, Honorable Adventurer

the locked letter of Chikere of Amkempa

Propositions pour la Reconnaissance de la Diversité Interne à la Nation

Letter from Lord Nikodim to Madam Barcleft of the Silks

Letter from Andran Galanodel to Thrucilia Galanodel

A Confession Veiled in Moonlight

A Letter from Tra'Mak to Dru'Carmak


Correspondence, Aurelius De Clare

Message that doomed the Spellster Tower

Damien Chauvelle's Letter to King Châtignory on the Formation of the Red Inquisition

Letter from Drifter to Elizabeth Dawkins

The Letter That Launched The Alliance

Dr. Sundberg's Ultimatium

Letter from Marina-Euthemia Alethe to a Patronised Treasure Hunter, 1407

Acorn's strange apprehension

Stellar Radio Leander Are You Listening?

Missive to Baba Yaga from Abigail Lawson on the eve of disaster

Letter of Gureyna to General Kassi-eyy

Concerning the Gem and Ferrous Dragons

Train Ride to Kyushu - A Sleep Story

Kalordas Brief an die Kirche des Schwarzen Himmels

Personal Correspondance from Madame Aulikki to Lady Minar

Sino-American Joint Agreement on Russia

Report on the Condition of the Dragons in fief to the Six Nations

Zhovao Statement of Secession

Words from the endless seas

The Last Letter of Damien Dreamblossom

3rd Grade Letter to Your Hero

Last letter of the Agarian Rebellion

Bene Timber's Letter concerning Orion

Prompt 20: Remt Smiths Letter to her Apprentice

Father Reinhart's Final Message

Paper Trail Kodah Jude to Emerence

Pre-proscription Letters

Mansa Herone's private letter to Nariman Zandos

Untitled letter to Carden Grimm

Letter to the Guardians of Dawn

Acceptance letter of Rubonicus Resendoz

Mandatory Incident Report 3192

Letter of Thanks to a Local Mortician

Guran Zursh about the Unknown Kin incident

The Great Theft of the also Great Map of Vertinall

Prayers of Tazi Asadi, the Unbeliever

Plants of the Demon Realm

Secret Letters of Póp Cávna III and Mengu Qaghan

Inquiry to the State of Affairs of the People of Thaltop

Orders to Tamper With Tzim-Sha's Recall Circuit

Princess Bergroda's Last Letter to Lord-Mayor Helger

Taliana's Letter to her father

Miyagi Yumeko's Last Letter

Azran to His Majesty, the Emperor

Shiv to Satyan, Re: Substituting Wild Orbshrooms In Nan's Recipe

Doruna's Endorsement of Mivarek Services

Queen Gwendolyn calls for camazotz mercenaries

Maro X'angolia's Last Will Transcription

Alanor Dorath's Letter to the Wizard-Warlords

Birthday Letter to Lind Dawn

Letter from Marad Serec to Maressja Eclipse

Silent Quill: The Undisclosed Correspondence of the High Seer

The Love Letters of Grandmother Goose

The Blasphemy of the Absolved

Letter: Of Concern to Naglovia


The Lost Correspondence of Draclau Vespin

Firestarter Encyclopedia

A Secret Letter to Lord Aventurine

Warning of the Impending Crowning

Forgotten Academy is No Longer Forgotten

Turmoil at the skat'ra fields

Secret conversations in the temple of Áfawarsal

The Final Report of Zaoh Zenya

Jackara Jaymes's last letter to Draysen Corvo

Ona Omar to the Count of Barcelona

Dear Santa: A Trillionaires Demands

Correspondance Between Viviane and Gisela - 839 FI

SC.2023.20. A letter sent in secret

The Last Will and Testament of king Ulrik II

Mission Orders to Sassandra Diriat'Drynalaer

Marshall Lino're's Vigilante Marque

Brief der Schamanen an den Posten 9

Letter from Aurelia to Malgoli

A Love Letter to the Lady of Blades

Letter to Ganelon from King Skulldrummer

Aus den Tiefen der Stürme: Ivannas Offenbarung

Iohan Angeleos to Beodin Matheos