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A Letter from Tra'Mak to Dru'Carmak

Dru'Carmak,   I know that we may never see eye to eye on this, but I must continue to make attempts to resolve these differences peacefully. I fear that you may take this beyond a point where anyone will be able to walk away with dignity, and without regrets.   I can understand your points concerning our rights to be the rulers of all Soi̯ngan alive today. But we also have an obligation to keep every Soi̯ngan safe and un-shackled. Yes, I know that your ultimate goal is to enslave or expel the Soi̯ngan who can wield the runes. I do not and cannot believe that the only way for rune wielders to rule is through oppression. If I had thought it through and realized that there would be those who would abuse this power in this way I would never have shared its discovery.   That is not the case though, and now we must find a peaceful medium where we can rule, as some believe is right, but to do so in a manner that everyone is free to express their views and not fear death for simply differing in their opinions. To this end, I want to set a time and a place where you and I can meet. Just you and I. I don't want either of our opinions to be miscommunicated so that we are both in understanding of how to move forward.   Please give this old man what will likely be his last chance to change your mind. Violence is not the answer, and attacking a power station only hurts your cause more than it helps it. Leaving such a path of destruction and loss, which has been on both sides, only harbors greater resentment towards the aggressor. More and more individuals who can wield the runes have come begging me to find a peaceful solution as they are being torn between two worlds that they love. So please, come and meet with me. Bring nothing more than your mind, opened so that all of the possibilities can be explored!   Your's through the runes,   Tra'Mak
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