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Tra'Mak is a simple man whom has worked diligently, and with a higher degree of focus than a lot of his compatriots, to achieve a mastery of stone carving that is truly second to noone during his lifetime. While he took pride in his craftsmanship, he admits to not being sure if he would do it all again. The turning point for him, he states, was the begining of Ledai̯ Huyoishor Worgeeyoiu.
Tra'Mak Working on a Smaller Project by Midjourney
  In his youth, Tra'Mak always had a mind that would approach anything very sequentially. He would always look at any situation with analyzing eyes and a mind that would turn the problem at hand every way it possibly could. This often led his parents to frustration as they tried to keep him occupied and busy throughout his youth. He would never remain still, always looking at something that caught his interest with an intensity that his parents just couldn't understand. They eventually let Tra'Mak do more or less what he wanted as he never ended up in trouble of any sort, and often talked others out of getting into trouble themselves.


OccupationStone Carver
SkillsStone Reading
Stone Manipulation
Runic Carving
  Even though he had the mental capability to be a brilliant mind in anything that he wanted to do, Tra'Mak opted to do something that he enjoyed. When he was entering into adulthood, Tra'Mak was introduced to stone carving and pottery. It was an exposure that all rising adults experienced, along with others like hunting and cooking. While he enjoyed cooking, he found that stone carving was something that he could really apply his mind to. During the class, Tra'Mak would often ask questions that took the instructor time to understand and be able
to answer. It wasn't that his questions were the wrong ones to be asking, but that they were being asked several steps early and certainly shouldn't be asked by someone who was just learning about it! It only took a handful of these questions for the instructors to realize that they had someone special attending the classes that year. Upon completing the transition into adulthood, Tra'Mak had surprised no-one and became a Stone Carver.   Stone Carvers were not known for having a prestigous lifestyle that wielded wealth, respect, and influence on important decisions. Not one Stone Carver had ever been invited to any form of social gathering, regardless of how simple that gathering might have been. When the name Tra'Mak began to pass among those who were important in Soi̯ngan life, no one believed it when they were told that he was a Stone Carver. Until they saw his work. After that, no one questioned why the lowly Stone Carver was invited.

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