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Doipu Cafy (ˈdɔɪpuː kæˈfiː)

Doipu Cafy

The Whisker Ant    


by Midjourney
The Whisker Ant is a unique creature that has the coloring of a white or silver whisker, but the head resembles that of an ant. They are a unique species not only for where they call home, but for their method of communication. They use another being as their proxy to communicate with others of their kind.   It is unknown when the whisker ant made
the evolutionary change that allows it to use a host to communicate with others of its kind, or why the evolution happened at all. But what is known is that once they have chosen a symbiotic host, the pair remains together until the whisker ant reaches its end of life.   The whisker ant is a small creature, measuring no more than four centimeters at its largest known specimen. There are small whiskers near the end of its head that grow into a host once the symbiotic connection has been made. These whiskers are thought to allow nourishment as well as thoughts and feelings to be transferred between the symbiotic pair. In addition to the whiskers, there are small needle like claws that allow the whisker ant to firmly attach itself to the host so that it does not separate easily.   While removing a whisker ant from the host will not damage the host, the ant will die instantly and there will be a strong sense of loss for the host. While the whisker ant prefers to join with an intelligent host, less intelligent hosts have been found with an ant attached. It is considered an oddity when this happens, primarily because even when they attach to intelligent species they are not open to explaining the connection.   Whisker Ants communicate with their hosts through a neural link made through the whiskers. This connection also allows the host to use the whisker ant as a means of telepathic communication when the host is an intelligent species. Scientists are still baffled by this special connection between the host and the ant, and it is hoped to be explored to answer "Why don't the ants just communicate that way to begin with?"  

Whisker Ant

SpeciesWhisker Ant
HabitatArtic and Subartic
AbilitiesSymbiotic Connection
Parasitic Life Force
Telepathic Communication

The Prompt


The Prep

Thoughts & Ideas
  What species would need a unique form of communication in Nei̯ Huyoishor?
  • What if there was a species that was capable of intelligence but unable to communicate due to size?
  • What restrictions would the species have?
  • Would the species be reliant upon something outside of itself?
  • Would the species communicate through physical means?
  • If the species is reliant upon something outside of itself, what would this look like?
  • Is this a large, small, or somewhere in bewtween sized creature?

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Aug 6, 2023 16:47 by Molly Marjorie

Interesting critter. I'm curious to know more about how they pick their hosts. I like that you included your thought process in the article. (Unrelated, I also like your Summer Camp side bar.)

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Aug 8, 2023 02:47 by Tiqdreng

Cheers! I had such high plans for Summer Camp that ended up getting derailed. The thoughts that I was going through for a prompt is one of those derailments :( I am glad that you found an article that still had it and found it beneficial!   I haven't fully worked it out, how a host is chosen. I have some loose threads to pull at to see if the tapestry flows, but that will be something for after the reading challenge is over.... If I think they belong back in the prompt articles at the least.