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A Confession Veiled in Moonlight

by Monzoobo using Midjourney and Photoshop
To My Dearest One,   As the stars twinkle above, I pen these words in the secrecy of the night, my heart pulsating with every stroke of the quill. My thoughts are consumed by you, your laughter that echoes like a melody in my soul, your eyes that hold the universe within their depths. My love for you is an unyielding flame, burning brighter with each passing moment.   The distance between us feels insurmountable, as if the vast expanse of the Cradle of Stars conspires to keep us apart. Yet, I refuse to let the constraints of borders and families dictate the course of our hearts. My soul yearns for the day when we shall stand hand in hand, unafraid of the repercussions that may lie in wait.   In the shadows of secrecy, I pray for our love to endure this trial. Trust that my heart is forever bound to yours, even as I mask my feelings in the presence of others. Until the stars align in our favor, I shall cherish the stolen moments we share in my dreams.   With all the love that fills my heart,
— Rosalynd
by Monzoobo using Midjourney and Photoshop

A Fateful Night

   Recruited at a very young age to join the Emissaries of the Silver Lady, Caspian, while not being the best of his group, always showed an unwavering spirit and faith. He was sent on the Southern border for his first training operation, to "earn his coppers". It is during a night patrol that his small squad was ambushed and the regular military watched helplessly from afar as the small group fought to the death in an unwinnable battle.
Thought to be the only survivor, Caspian was captured and brought back to Rod for interogation.
We were supposed to have the adventage, the sun was setting, our seeds were about to recharge but something was off. As we went through the grove, the silence of the incoming night was suddently broken by the cries of countless knights rushing towards us.   "Elite of the elite" my ass, we weren't ready for this. I saw them die, all of them, cut down by this relentless tide of steel and hatred. Our bloods merging with the flows we spilled trying to survive the overwheliming assault.   We were only a patrol on the borders, the regular forces watched the ambush unfold from afar, never coming... screw them, screw them all ! One day, the traitors will pay, this shall be my serment.

Intertwined fates

by Monzoobo using Midjourney and Photoshop
   In the bustling port of Rod, Rosalynd Artonis, one of the daughters of the powerful House Artonis, led a life defined by her noble lineage and responsibilities. Her days were filled with courtly duties, everlasting classes, and the expectations of her prestigious family. But amidst the opulence and grandeur, her heart yearned for something more, something beyond the confines of her gilded cage.   One peaceful evening, while wandering the quiet streets near the Crystal Garden's ruins. She stumbled upon Caspian, wounded and on the run. With compassion and courage, she helped him hide from Rod's militia which he had just escaped the interogation quarters from, risking her own safety for a stranger whose past she knew nothing about.      In the weeks that followed, Rosalynd and Caspian found solace in one another's company. Amidst stolen moments beneath the moonlit skies, their hearts opened to a love that transcended the boundaries of noble Houses and political divisions. Their love letters became their sanctuary, the only place where they could explore the depths of their affection, in secrecy. Each word carried the weight of longing, devotion, and the fear of discovery. But the risks could not deter the intensity of their emotions, and Rosalynd's heart soared with every letter she received.

Between bond and defection

   Caspian knew he could not stay in Rod forever. The walls of the city whispered stories of his past, and the eyes of the Houses were watchful. With a heavy heart, he knew he had to leave, to avoid getting caught, to protect Rosalynd but also with the firm intention of finding one day the soldiers that once abandonned his patrol to the forces of Avan'Wanor and make them pay.
by Monzoobo using Midjourney and Photoshop
He got enlisted onboard of the Harbinger. It is a well-known and formidable ship, revered for its prowess as a hunting toller (hunting ship class specialised in hunting sea monsters, the name comes from the bells used to attract the preys). Having recently taken on the role of a corsair under Rod's orders, it sails the Western seas to safeguard the region from the unknown threats that have been wreaking havoc on trading ships and coastal villages.   Tales of dark waters and mists with starless skies are starting to worry the populace and the rapidly increasing number of lost shipments are starting to have a serious impact on Rod's economy and legitimacy. Hence, for the first time on a ship of such a size, a multibarrel canon was installed. Marvel of engineering, this piece will hopefully be enough to chase away the shadows that lurk below the waves.     Caspian, as a new sailor, is likely getting into a mission way more hazardous than he should... let's hope his past of trainee Emissary will help him in the upcoming times of need.

Enduring the tides

by Monzoobo using Midjourney and Photoshop
   Gathering all of her courage, Rosalynd wrote this short letter, finally putting words on the burning sensation that was wreacking her heart ever since he left, and sent it using an Hawk's call borrowed from the Council's private vault with the complicity of her sister.   As the etherial shape was launched into the sunset sky, the projectile let a long bluish trail as if it was some kind of a magical comet rushing towards the horizon. Rosalynd quietly contemplated this extraordinary scene while hugging Seraphina and prepared themselves for the long months ahead, waiting for the return of her sailor on the run.


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