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Welcome to Sienne, a world where the echoes of ancient powers resonate through its vibrant landscapes. Set foot on the monumental Cradle of Stars, an island teeming with wonders and secrets waiting to be unraveled. At the heart of this tapestry of intrigue and adventure lie three major factions: Avan'Wanor, a semi-libertarian oligarchy veering towards imperial tendencies, ruled by the enigmatic Sons of E'Thorrar; the untamed North, home to formidable tribes brimming with raw power and ancient wisdom; and the sacred haven of Stjarna'Stoll, a religious capital where the Silverwood lands stand united under a divine banner.      But the stage is not yet complete! Enter a newly emerging state, whose ambitions ignite the flames of anticipation. Watch as its enigmatic leaders weave their intricate plots and claim their stake in the tumultuous tapestry of power. Amidst the ebb and flow of alliances, a forgotten history resurfaces—a time when immortal eldritch beings, the Greys, reigned supreme until the mighty Lords rose to overthrow them. Humans, once enslaved, have now forged their own destiny, shaping the fate of this mesmerizing realm.      Prepare to embark on an unexpected journey, where mystic wonders, political machinations, and epic cooking receipes collide. Explore ancient ruins, untangle the enigma of the Cradle of Stars, and discover the untapped potential that lies within. Sienne beckons, calling for heroes who will shape its destiny and leave an indelible mark on this realm of magic, legends, and the remnants of forgotten empires.