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Letter to Father

Father,   You assumed sending me to the Usurper's domain would be beneficial to your power. My entire upbringing is filled with expectations you thrust upon me. For years I felt that weight burden me. I was forced into this life because of you. Learned battlefield tactics, how to lead and order a battalion of knights, and the doctrine of the Usurper.   You must feel accomplished now that your only daughter is now a Squire for the Church of Usurpation. Another pawn in the political games of Tov-Ran and the Council of the Nine. The plans you have to increase your territory in Crothia can now come to fruition.   But they wont. For your daughter is not a Squire of the Church. I went above and beyond the expectations of any who taught me. The Knight Second Class who was in charge of our training was slain. I found something interesting on the Knights body. A letter from my dear Father and what his plans was for his precious little girl after she graduates.   I know your goals and enemies in the upcoming war. Don't worry Father I won' be telling anyone of your plans. You won't be living long enough to see them come to fruition. By the time you receive this letter my legion and I will be three days away.   Consider this as your friendly warning Father. I lived in your shadow for far to long. It is time that I break the chains you put on me and make you pay for what you did to me. For taking me away from the life I had so you could have another solider you could control.   The only thing that saddens me about this moment is that Mother won't be able to see my victory.   Knight Second Class Annabell Catcott
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