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The Confidante Message

"The Confidante Message" is a mysterious letter penned by Aleron Veridian, the esteemed founder of the Cult of Trionis, during the early days of the faith. Addressed to an unknown confidante, the letter alludes to a revelation that was meant to be conveyed to one of his devoted followers. However, fate intervened, and the promised revelation never reached its intended recipient. Recently rediscovered, this enigmatic letter has become a matter of great intrigue and concern for the Council of Twice Blessed Servants. Fearing its potential impact on the church, they have guarded its secrets, hoping to find a Thrice Blessed Servant capable of deciphering its hidden message and unlocking further divine revelations for the Church of the Holy Triad.

The Letter

"My Trusted Confidante,   I write this letter to you in utmost secrecy, for the words it holds are meant for your eyes only. A divine revelation, veiled in celestial whispers, has descended upon me, a vision of profound significance for the future of our sacred faith.   Trionis, the original form of the primordial gods, blessed me with the knowledge of a forthcoming revelation. Among our devoted followers, there resides one soul destined to receive this divine truth, to be a beacon of light amidst the shadows of uncertainty.   I beseech you, dear confidante, to remain vigilant, for this chosen follower bears the mark of destiny upon their heart. In time, the revelation shall find them, illuminating their path and guiding our faith to greater heights.   But take heed, for the threads of fate are delicate, and not all destinies are bound to be fulfilled. I entrust you, my confidante, with this sacred knowledge, praying that you shall witness the prophecy's realization.   May the guiding hand of Trionis lead us towards the brilliance of truth.   Yours in faith,   Aleron Veridian


The Confidant Message is an ancient enigma, a historical tale lost in the annals of time. As the church grew and flourished under the teachings of Aleron Veridian, the letter bore witness to the momentous events of those early days.
Alas, destiny wove a different path, and the intended recipient of the divine revelation was never bestowed with the celestial truth. The consequences of this unfulfilled prophecy were evident in the schism that later gave rise to the Skoltari, a faction whose heretical practices cast a shadow upon the faithful.
Over the centuries, the whereabouts of the letter remained unknown, until the divine hand of fate once again brought it to light. Rediscovered in the depths of ancient archives, the Confidant Message emerged as a beacon of hope, holding the promise of renewed divine revelations. However with their history of painful division, the Council of Twice Blessed Servants recognized the potential dangers of "The Confidant Message" falling into the wrong hands. To avoid any further turmoil and potential rifts within the church, they decided to keep the letter's contents concealed.
As the Church of the Holy Triad eagerly awaits the emergence of a Thrice Blessed Servant who can understand the true meaning of the letter, it remains an intriguing artifact from the past. It now stands as a reminder of the delicate balance between prophecy and reality, and the profound impact a single revelation can have on the course of history. Only time will tell if the Thrice Blessed Servant will unlock the secrets of "The Confidant Message," and guide the church towards a future bathed in divine enlightenment.


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