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Rondius' Ultimatum

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Imagine if it hasn't arrived...

After the assassination of his son, Prunos , the emperor Rondius V sent a one-way letter from Irisone to Julian Vasner at the Irgian, ordering him to go back to Valone immediately, preparing for the empire's next move.

He wrote the letter in a span of a night, the same day his son got killed. With the emperor's personal Postman, it arrived on the hand of Julian the next day. Julian tell the Irgian to prepare the royal ship since the emperor's band instead go to the newly opened tunnel, which connects Irisone to Valone through the mountain between two cities.

A few days later, Julian came back to the Wall of Irgian waiting for the represent. As they arrived, he announced declaration of war, blaming the republic for the assassination and they must pay for it.

With the final words, the army appeared marching toward the wall of Irgian. Unknowingly, the other army also march through the tunnel.

It's the ultimatum of the Irgia Republic's cease of operation.

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50 VE

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To Find The Fishy Menace
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The truth about the bombing(Major spoiler!)
It was the Prunos' intention. He thought by sacrificing himself so his father could revenge the republic could be more effective to his family's plan. He secretly tell Julian to bring a bomb to Irisone.   "Don't worry, I did it." said the Prunos before his last breath, dying on his father's arms.


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