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The Luka Nistor Letters

Here's a unique little artifact--the letters between Luka Nistor and Damian Walker, two members of the Overlap (and good friends of mine), both infamous in their own communities.
As you might guess from his name, Damian was the second child of a Seer family and given to the Mistwalkers on birth. While returning from his Mistwalk, after witnessing his death, he had a second vision, not far from the school. But for Damian, it was more than a vision. See, it turns out my friend has Sight Sickness, which can make visions real. And he was watching his birth family die. Seeing himself die? Likely the vision that triggered it in the first place.
Anyway, the whole incident would probably have killed him if it wasn't for a passing Werewolf who saw him struggling to breathe and brought him home. This, of course, broke all the Mistwalker rules, and when Damian didn't return from his Mistwalk by morning, was listed as a Rogue Mistwalker. Not that he really cared, mind you. See, Damian never did sit well with being cut off from his birth family, and after his vision, they were his prime concern.
Normally, a Mistwalker in this situation would report the death to the Mistwalker Council, but Damian had two concerns. First, he wanted to avoid facing punishment from the council for not completing his Mistwalk, and second, it was unlikely the council would appoint him to the case, even if they deemed it a worthy endeavor. And Damian wanted to deal with it directly. That's where Luka came in.
Born to the Foxes, Luka was no allowed to study magic on account of being a girl. But due to her raw talent, she was recruited by the Illusionists as a teenager. After completing her service with them, she returned to the Fox school disguised as a boy, and wowed everyone with her rapid progression to level 4.
Luka not only diagnosed Damian and helped him find his family, in order to prevent their deaths, she regularly sent him medicine to keep him from succumbing to his condition. They were both breaking a lot of rules. Since neither had gone through their superiors about any of this, they had to be covert about the operation. Luka sent her letters through from a PO box set up under a fake name, and coded her letters. Unfortunately, after a year or two, she was discovered stealing supplies, and shortly thereafter, exposed as a woman. Luka fled before she could be punished for breaking Fox law, and Damian gave me the letters for safe-keeping, in case anyone tried to find her through him.
Text, Letter
Dear Damian,
I'm glad to hear you found your family. This package should last you the next month or so. If you can, send the empty vials back to this address. The fewer things I steal from the school's stores, the better.
Take care, Luka.
Dear Damian,
I'm afraid this is the last batch I will be able to send you for a while. A visiting Fox Master saw through my illusion and revealed my identity. The safest place for me right now is to return to Co'ar Island, and it may take some time to obtain new ingredients. Ration these as best you can. I will contact you as soon as possible through our mutual friends.
Take care, Luka

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