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Status Report

The status Report was sent by Furlou Melni to his superiors after an incident he witnessed on Earth.


A report written to document findings on a recent survey of Earth.

Document Structure


  • Galactic Alliance Regulations 31793 part 21
  • Interdiction Status of Earth
  • Export Ordinance 9376 paragraph 3
  • Interdiction Principles Handbook, Chapter 39, paragraph 38
  • Destruction of Property Ordinance 71
  • Galactic Alliance Regulations Dictionary, Definition of Diplomatic Immunity
  • Parking Regulation 2942 section 19 paragraph 2

Publication Status


Historical Details


It is believed that the circumstances surrounding this document may have been a prelude to the Capture of Earth's Space Station.

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Jul 24, 2023 16:29 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Oh my gosh. D: Bad 'diplomatic' ship.

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Indeed. They'd been very bad for a very long time.

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