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Queen Sable's Secret Letter

This storyline has played out in the GoTverse, and therefore, this article is NOT a spoiler. However, Game of Tomes players should be aware that none of this is known to the general public. Unless your character is a member of the Bodyguards of the various Houses that existed at the time, or one of those House Leaders, you probably don't know this information.
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Possession of this document without sufficient security clearance is a criminal offense under Lapin law.

  Queen Sable's Secret Letter refers to sealed letters that were delivered in secret by trusted House Lapin guards to each of the leaders of the other Great Houses. They were sealed with her personal seal, interwoven with a Literomantic ward designed to prevent anyone who was not a House Leader from opening them. They detailed a sensitive matter that the Mother of Bunnies thought was important to share with her peers, since it reflected a significant security risk, but preferred to be kept quiet from the general public.


Queen Sable Aradia had discovered the identity of the person who had attempted to assassinate her with poison during the April 2022 Tourney of Tales. However, she was reluctant to make this public, because the assassin turned out to be her son Lord Galakrond, who had been affected by a form of mind control through nanobots created by The Company using technology engineered from Dinotech. Naturally, she did not want any harm to come to her son, especially since he was an unwilling participant in the affair; but she also felt that it was necessary to warn the other House Leaders, since he presented a clear and present danger to all Literomancers, especially the leaders of the Great Houses.

Historical Details


An attempt on the Bunny Queen's life was made near the end of the April 2022 Tourney when leftover chili she was eating was poisoned with strychnine rat poison. She was rushed to hospital but the dose was pronounced fatal. At her request, she was brought back to The Warren to die. At the last moment, a ritual to invoke the power of love activated Queen Sable's own healing powers, and she was cured of the poison and its injuries.   With her top intelligence operative, Owsla Commander DM Stretch, Missing in Action while on a top secret assignment, the Mother of Bunnies and the Owsla were somewhat hampered in their investigation into the incident, but through the use of some secret literomantic method of Queen Sable's, and screening of people who had access to the royal kitchen, they eventually pinpointed Lord Galakrond as the only possible suspect. The failure of security cameras to capture the incident was discovered to be electromagnetic interference caused by Voidtouched energies, and when the footage was descrambled, it revealed Lord Galakrond in the act of the poisoning, but obviously under the effect of some kind of mind control.   Queen Sable hesitated before passing on this information, but felt she had a clear and present duty to do so.   The extensively vetted Lapin Guards who hand-delivered the copies of the letter were instructed to advise the House Leaders that it was their choice as to whether or not they chose to share this information with their Heirs. It was expected that they would inform their bodyguards, and presumably, most of them did so.
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