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Leave No Trace

J,   Do you comprehend the gravity of the task at hand? The time has come to assert our dominance. Those pitiful farmers must be bent to our will, and I expect nothing short of meticulous execution and utter ruthlessness.   Begin by gathering information on their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Delve into their personal lives, unearth any unsavory secrets and connections, and exploit every one of them. Remember, the more damnable information we possess, the easier to twist their arms.   Next, ensure they are well aware of the consequences of non-compliance. Plant subtle hints, ominous messages, and veiled threats that leave no doubt in their feeble minds. Make them understand that resistance leads to devastation, both personally and for their precious farms.   Let them believe they have a choice, but limit their options.   Provide the illusion of a way out, only to reveal every path leads to servitude beneath our heel. The fear of destitution and destruction should drive them to see the benefits of joining our ranks.   We are not unreasonable, after all.   Enlist our most discreet informants to keep tabs on those on the southern border. The rich soil is perfect for next seasons harvest and I plan on having our seed in the ground by fall. Our hold on them must be absolute. Employ the tools and leverage to bind them.   Use the children if you must. Think of it as…motivation.   Should they display even the slightest inclination to defy us, a targeted attack on the Thane farm should suffice. Burn the fields and barn — the house can be used, and the ash will improve the soil.   The loss of their livelihood will serve as a demonstration of our hold and bring them to their knees. They will realize the price of opposition is too steep to bear.   Remember,…there is no room for mistakes or incompetence. Failure will be met with unsparing consequences. Those who disappoint me will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly, serving as a stark reminder of the price of failure.   You are valuable,…but I will replace you if you fail me.   Keep me informed of your progress, and do not underestimate the gravity of this mission. It is paramount to our expansion and your own survival within it. Prove yourself worthy of my trust, and you shall be rewarded.   …generously.   Now, go and show no mercy. We are the masters of our fate, and they mere pawns in our game.   Dispose of this letter and leave no trace,


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14 Aug, 2023 15:46

We need to warn them all ! this is diabolical planning on some kind of invasion over poor innocent farmers ! I enjoyed the way it is written, getting drown into the mood of the author of the letter and feeling its mischievous ways and evil mind with only focus self profit, not considering them as people, but only pawns, many lines before reading that in the end

16 Aug, 2023 22:29

Just need to figure out how to incorporate this into the novels.

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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