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A Letter from October Wyatt


The E.W.B are well known for their spontaneous delivery of letters. These letters are often left in obvious places with no sign of the one who places them there. This letter is no different. The one who wrote it is just a young woman in some serious trouble, and the E.W.B are more than willing to help.   The E.W.B are very particular. They don't send letters at random. Your letter will always go to the ideal recipient, regardless of whether you list their name or not. This letter arrived on the doorstep of one Cory Strand, a doomsday therapist and member of Dread Romantic.
      The letter reads as follows…
My name is October Wyatt and I need help. I don't care who it is from. Lives are at stake. For reasons too complicated to list here, I cannot leave town, and they want me imprisoned for what they don't understand. Even if you can't save me, save Henry. Forget my work. Forget me. Just help him. I'm located in Boring, Iowa, just outside of the Direwood. Please help.

From The E.W.B

This letter comes to you from The E.W.B Postal Service. After much delieration and analysis of the situration, it has been determined that you would be the ideal recipient for the letter.   REJOICE AT YOUR NEWFOUND FRIENDSHIP!   The E.W.B does not take any responsibility for what occurs as a result of delivering this letter.
Best wishes,
The Carrier

      Cory watches as Olive reads the letter. He keeps looking away, out and around the surroundings of the walking shop. He's worried about something.   "Boring?" Olive cocks her head. "I've never heard of it."   "Before I met up with you, I passed through it. Nice place." Cory's words are aimless, distracted.   "What is it?" Olive asks.   Cory's focus returns. "It's Nothing." He calms his nerves before speaking again. "We need to help. It shouldn't take long, should it?"   "No idea." She ponders the idea for a moment. "We won't be able to go through the Direwood, but around it should be fine." She turns and leads Cory to the storefront.
Whiskey and Mavis sit at a table playing cards as they enter, an ashtray sitting between them. When they see the urgency in Olive's step, it's Whiskey who speaks. "Where's the fire?"   Olive ignores the question. "Where is it?" She asks pointing to the map. Cory points to his best guess and Olive sighs. "Des Moines."   "Des Moines?"

Whiskey raises her voice to a shout, "Where's the fire?"   "Wait your turn." Olive says with a smile. "Quickest way to Boring is through the city. We'd be traveling in the wrong direction to go around."   "Is that so bad?" Corey asks.   "Rainbows." Olive replies.   Whiskey snickers and shouts again. "Where's the-"   Olive cuts her off, smiling as she shouts back, "I have the conch!"   Mavis shakes her head, motions to the map and calmly asks, "Change of plans, Olive?" Olive nods. Mavis smiles and stands up, gesturing to the door. "Let's hear it over dinner."


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A Letter From October Wyatt

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