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The Boring Courthouse

Mavis wakes up even earlier than normal. She steps out the front door of her home, a small urn in one hand, a fresh cup of coffee in the other. The sun hasn't even started peaking over the horizon.   She sits in the darkness, speaking to the urn as she spoke to the man inside it all those years ago. "We'll need Olive's expertise. These people have no concept of magic. That could help our case…"   She never gets a response, but she doesn't really have to. She can fill in the blanks herself, at this point. "What about the other charges?"   She nods. "We need to see this girl's gift first hand for that."   The first hint of light creeps over the horizon, and Mavis has a front row seat. It's nice of Olive to make sure the house always faces the rising sun.   She looks at the urn, kisses her hand, and gently places her fingers on the side. "Talk to you later."
The town of Boring has a courthouse, but it's not much to look at. The building was a meeting hall, a single massive room with a long table at its center and a door leading to a modest apartment upstairs. Again... not much to look at. The apartment is furnished and has all the various bells and whistles you'd expect.   The courthouse is a safety blanket, a way to make those who cling to the old world feel better. It's nothing more than a sad mockery of what it claims to be, but that doesn't make it worthless. Every year, a new judge is appointed by majority vote, an event all residents take part in. The new judge will be the town's Mayer and legal head for until the next vote begins.   This year's appointed judge is one Nancy Yates, who lives in the upstairs apartment and handles most of the town's affairs. She is in her forties, though she doesn't count the years anymore, and she'll be faced with the first real trial the town has ever had.

The People vs. October Wyatt

Even at the end of the world, laws must exist. The problem with Boring is how outdated that law really is. When magic appeared, Boring remained unchanged. They kept to what they knew. It's laws were stuck in a definitively non-magic world.   The People vs. October Wyatt would be the first trial ever to establish legal precedent in handling the touched and their gifts. The town was ill prepared. It was not the most proper of trials, but then again, Nancy was not a proper judge.    
Nancy sat at the head of a long wooden table. To her left sat Mitchell and James. and on her right sat Olive, Toby, and Mavis.   Nancy takes a deep breath and addresses the group. "You're all outsiders here, so let me tell you how this is going to go. Miss Wyatt?"   "Yes ma'am?"   "Are you aware of all charges?"   "I am."   "Good." The judge stands, her hands placed on the table. She locks eyes with each person at the table, slowly cycling through them as she speaks, "our goal here is to determine whether a trial is even necessary, the burden of proof being on you, Mr. Evans. I hear there are some wild claims you have to share."

Mock Trials

The courthouse is a shadow of its namesake. It's clear where the inspiration came from, but the execution is not exactly faithful. This leads to some key differences in legal proceedings when compared to the world that came before.   Court can be an exceptionally dull affair. This leads to hearings and trials that are not quite a public forum, but are nowhere near as regimented as they were before the end. The same standards are upheld, however. The same requirements must be met for either side.   This lack of formality is mainly due to the nature of those involved. While having proper counsel is ideal, it's not a right. There aren't many lawyers left, especially in a town of three hundred. There isn't even a bona fide judge to herd the cats.
Nancy leans back into the chair and settles in for a long few hours before speaking again, "Any preliminary matters?"   "No ma'am," Mitchell replies.   "Are there any forms of recording the events of this hearing? I notice there's no stenographer." Mavis adds.   "I'm afraid not, Mrs. Archer. Unless you can provide a means of recording…" Nancy pauses and raises a brow.   "Not necessary at this time, but may I reserve the right should a trial be deemed necessary?"   Nancy turns to Mitchell, "any objection?" When Mitchell shakes his head, she smiles and says, "anything else?" A moment of silence passes followed by a nod to Mitchell. "Are there any sequestered witnesses?"   "Yes, ma'am, though this is where things get complicated." Mitchell says. "Shelby Kent."   "Complicated?"
Mitchell braces himself before speaking. "The witness is deceased. He's a ghost ma'am."   "I would like to object," Mavis raises her hand. "Is there proof of this?"   Nancy scoffs at this. "You brew potions, your client raises the dead, and your companion…" She pauses and studies Olive as if trying to remember. "What do you do, hun. Fireballs? Tarot readings?"   "Fireballs?" Olive tries not to be too offended. She crosses her arms. "I mean, I guess I could but we'd all be dead if I tried." Nancy tilts her head and Even Mitchell looks confused. Olive points at him and asks, "How did he die?"   "Excuse me?"   "Shelby Kent. How did Shelby Kent die?"   "Magic, of course. The defendant killed him with magic."
"Ha!" The laugh came from Mavis who tried desperately to keep it in.   Olive smiled. "Oh, you just fucked up big time." She stands up and addresses Nancy. "Ma'am, since this situation is so complex and deals with magic, of which there is no legal precedent for, perhaps we should start with a crash course on how magic actually works, if you're so inclined."   Nancy narrows her eyes and nods, as if impressed. "Very well."   Olive starts to move, beginning to pace only to be stopped by Mavis. They exchange a hushed conversation and Olive again, looks to Nancy, "Sorry. Permission to roam the court?"   With a chuckle, Nancy nods.   "Thank you. Buckle your seat belts and hold on tight-"   "Objection, is she qualified? This sounds like she's being set up as an expert witness."   Olive looked at the judge who stared back as if anticipating a response. "I dropped my qualifications on this town's front lawn."   "Overruled," Nancy adds.   "Thank you." Olive bows to Nancy before turning to Mitchell with wild eyes. "Now shut up and listen. You need to learn a thing or two about fucking magic."


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The Courthouse

Kangaroo done hung the guilty with the innocent...


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