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Math and science by day, writing and art by night. Converting a world from paper notes and hand drawn maps to digital format for WA.

Interests & Hobbies

7-12 curriculum spoken languages world cultures cartography cryptography philosophy world history astronomy cosmology machine learning animation programming conlanging

Favorite Movies

Studio Ghibli: Princess Mononoke Howl's Moving Castle Castle in the Sky Porco Rosso Spirited Away The Wind Rises Kurasawa films: Kagemushu Ran Throne of Blood Rashomon Yojimbo The Matrix Aliens Phillip K Dick films: Bladerunner (original) The Adjustment Bureau The Minority Report Impostor Total Recall The Scarlet Pimpernel Knives Out Push The Last Samurai Mad Max Mad Max: Fury Road Christopher Nolan films: Inception Interstellar Dark Knight trilogy Dunkirk Memento Bourne series (except 5) Casino Royale (Daniel Craig version)

Favorite TV Series

Bosch Hinterland Shetland Foyle's War Dr. Who (Tom Baker, Eccleston, Tenant, Capaldi)

Favorite Books

A Wizard of Earthsea The Riddlemaster of Hed Of Time and Stars The Illustrated Man The Silmarillion Railsea The City and the City The Three Body Problem Thomas the Rhymer

Favorite Writers

Arthur C. Clarke Ray Bradbury Robert Heinlein Patricia McKillip China Mieville H. P. Lovecraft

Favorite Games

GURPS Ace of Aces War in the Ice Twilight 2000 AD&D D&D 5e Ars Magica