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Message that doomed the Spellster Tower


This simple command for the King's Hounds to return to the capital was sent out via messenger pigeon by the newly-minted Master of the Hounds to the entire pack on the eve of his mother's death, the previous Mistress of the Hounds and sister to the current king.   With many hounds conditioned to obey every order sent to them, they left behind their other missions and long-time posts at various stations. Only once every living hound had arrived did their master reveal his plan to annihilate every last spellster within their tower home.

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Although a seemingly innocuous order that many believed to be merely for an announcement regarding the change in their chain of command, those two words would begin the slaughter of thousands. Days after the King's Hounds had arrived at Wintervale they stormed the Spellster Tower, alongside a heavy contingent of Talfaltan troops, and murdered every spellster and their guardians as well as servants. All down to newborns in their cribs.


It is too early to determine the full extent of the damage, but with the Spellster Tower in ruin and the death of those who knew precisely how to train people with magic, it is likely that the King's Hounds will become more like the Great Judgers of Obuzan. That is to say, the only path left for them is to become a spellster extermination force.
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