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The Love Letter of Renala

My most heartily beloved Ieonas, my Heart burneth of yearning for you. Ye shalt understand I received a Token from you, a token I would heartily welcome, alas I cannot welcome it, for surely my Husband would know. I let you know the Words ye wrote are ingraved in my Heart, and though it pains me to lose the sight of thine Letter and Token so fair. My heart burneth from the ill that happens in Atlasé and the ill that keeps us asunder. Mine love...
— A survived part of a letter written by Renala
  Few of the love letters between Renala and Ieonas survived the furious king Aenryk Nareith's burning when he discovered her secret lover. But this small piece of a love letter from Renala survived the ages and is still part of heated debates and a bloodied history. It is only recently that this part of the love letter was found and is now part of the royal collection.

Through Love and War

Despite this letter was only recently discovered, the love between Renala and Ieonas caused a severe conflict within the royal family for a few centuries and is still causing heated debates. The first-born child of Aenryk and Renala was the heir to the throne, but after Renala’s death, Aenryk found another wife who gave birth to three more children.

After Faeron became king, the second wife’s oldest son, Rykard Nareith, wanted the throne for himself, hating the fact that Faeron II Nareith received so much attention due to the history of his mother.

The Court Session

But in his hatred, Rykard saw an opportunity since all the people in Atlasé knew the story of Renala and Ieonas, though the plot varied.
Rykard first launched a court session, where he argued Faeron was not the legitimate child of Aenryk, but a bastard of Renalas’ lover, Ieonas. The nobles were already split between the two contestants to the throne. Some wanted Rykard on the throne and openly supported him, while others wanted Faeron to remain as king.

The Civil War

Faeron was enraged by such allegations and ordered Rykard to be thrown into prison, where Rykard spent three years. A civil war was slowly underway, led by Rykard’s younger brother Chryspen. After three years, Faeron had no reason to keep Rykard imprisoned and was forced to issue his release. Rykard, whose anger had not subsided but only grew stronger, sought his brother, and together they launched a direct war against Faeron.

The civil war ended with Rykard killing Faeron, who was only 24. With Rykard becoming the new king, Faeron’s wife and three small children had to flee the country to seek refuge in the neighbouring country.

After a few decades, the three children of Faeron would return to Atlasé to regain their father’s title. Atlasé was once again in a bloodied war and continued for forty years until the Naireth dynasty came to an end.

Authoring Date
~422-429 AGD


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