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The Last Will and Testament of king Ulrik II

When you are a king and fear someone is out to get your throne by the means of a good old assassination, you need to make sure that your heir is protected from the same fate. King Ulrik II was one step ahead of his enemies, but also one step already in his grave. It was no secret that the king was old and dying and that the Avlan throne will be empty once more. He had no direct descendants and plenty of plotting relatives, who would very happily see him depart  a bit sooner. Everyone was wondering which of his many nephews would be the person who will claim his title. And some of those nephews started to get into deadly accidents as well.   By tradition, there is always a miracle, some sort of a sign from the land, signifying the arrival of a new king. The new ruler is supposed to be someone extraordinary after all. The last will of a king usually points out to some sort of a vision or a dream that hints at the omen which the people should look for. Some believe that most of these miracles are staged, to serve as some sort of a blessing for the ascendance of a new leader, while some truly believe that only a person worthy of a throne shall sit upon it.   The last will of king Ulrik II was lost on purpose. No one, for almost a decade, knew where it ended up. It disappeared with his first advisor, magician Eihof, about 3 years before the king drew his last breath. With this letter and the youngest nephew from his sister's side, the wizard later appeared at the royal city, amidst the chaos of yet another rebellion. Through a series of test and challenges that were described in the letter, the young man was able to reclaim the throne that was rightfuly his. And with that unite the noble clans of Avalonia under a single banner.

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