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Jozean's emails

Ugh, what a day. Where is my modi? It's not in my jacket pocket...huh.
These are a chain of 502 emails sent by Jozean, the current vice president of the Government of Reki to the same private email adress. Jozean wrote these emails to themselves while dealing with certain things while growing up as a child actor and while working as a Vice President.   The emails were sent and received by a private email address Jozean got for themselves when they were six years old. Their mother had set another one up for them when they were two years old, and she was handling that one without Jozean's input.
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These are excerpts from some of the emails.  
mom is meen.
Mom is t 1 who wanted me to be an actor I didnt
Why d i have to work whn other kids dont.
She said she was my friend. But she's not. A friend would not do that. Or am I overreacting? Maybe I am. I wish I had somebody to talk to.
People tell me that I'm really nice. I don't believe them. I'm not really. I'm just doing nice things for people because I feel good doing it. That's not nice.
I do not know why Lolei asked me. Sure, I can act. But I'm famous. People think they know me. How the f- am I supposed to work as an undercover agent?
He's really hot. Sure, not as hot as Sila from my favorite show. Nobody is hotter than her. But still. Really hot. I suppose that's why everyone does whatever he wants. That's probably why he gets away with so much. I wish I was hot as well. But I'm just good looking enough. People tell me I look innocent. I suppose that's an asset too.
I really should delete all of these mails.


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