House of Fenquen


The House of Fenquen was founded on 1st of Prol in the year of 816 in the city of Alnerwick. The house is one of the two house who replaced the Houses of Levine and Plotina after they were found guilty of attacking the city and bringing the madness plague.

Lead by Julian Magnus, the family took over the Master of Coin position in Alnerwick, due to Magnus' impressive ability to find ways to cut costs and increase the prosperity of the Inkwell Temple & Library in Vetande. His current heir is Fin Fenquen.

Resources and Assets

The Fenquen family has a vast collection of priceless tomes, mostly collected by Julian throughout his life, in addition to various weapons collected by both Julian and Fin. They also have a collection of pre-Disporia items and artifacts.

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Founding Date
1 Prol 816
Political, Family
Leader Title
Family Leader
Parent Organization
Notable Members

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