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Belis Fenquen

Belis Fenquen

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Belis was born in Vetande to Cynthai and Fin Fenquen. Growing up, his sister and him frequently caused mischief, climbing trees around the Inkwell temple, or skipping out on lessons. One particular time he convinced his sister to skip lessons with him when they were around 5, resulted in him shooing her in the arm, as she decided to save a fae rabbit.
When he became old enough, he decided to join the local Paladin school and begin his more formal education in guarding those he cared about. Having been trained by his father in self-defense, along with masonery, Belis quickly grasped the lessons at the schools. After he graduated, he made the decision to leave Vetande and join Alnerwick's city guard.


Belis is often picked on by his sister for his various daliances with ladies and gentlemen throughout Vetande, and Alnerwick.
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Legal Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
5 Darrst 780
Year of Birth
780 -77 Years old
Current Residence
Fenquen Manor
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