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The Chalice


Member of the Heist Clan and Heist and Co. Blood born member of the Zumren Family.


Must hold the powers of the head of the Zumren family.


Must complete the ritual to claim the power and title of the head of the Zumren family.


Helping to run the Heist family, and esnsure the saftey and survival of the family.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death, choice or challenge


When the family migrated to Milldeah from For Storia, a reorganization of Heist and Co was in order. As such the family restructured so that no one person would have all the power and responisiblity. Given the history of the Heist family it was agreed upon by all involved that the heads of the Heist Clan / Heist and Co, would be the heads of the three families created by Mystra.

The Chalice family is formlerly known as the Zumren Family. Alynys did not want her or her family asssociated with the dark deeds done by the majority of the Zumren family or their cult and in instead has operated under a different name her entire life.

Since there is no head of the Chalice family, at the fleeing of For Storia, it is said that the family operates with just two of the three heads at the moment.

Notable Holders

Alynys Feneuen Chalice
Which organization do you belong to?
Nobility, Hereditary
Alternative Naming
The Zumren
Source of Authority
Blood and Power
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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