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Heist Clan

The Heist clan started in Milleadh doing what they had been successful at in For Storia, operating as mercenaries and information gathering. Once they got the lay of the land in Milleadh, they began to tap into their strengths, reveling in the chaos, destruction, and madness that existed in the world.

The clan is more of a shadow organization, then one that operates in the open. They are generally hired by the various leaders of the world to handle things that the leaders can't be invovled with, assassinations, spying, finding and "rescuing" missing individuals. The list of things this organization is involved in is endless. The clan works hard to ensure they don't get involved in wars to soon, taking a more neutral and treaty maker role before resorting to physical involvement, but has a history of ending a war very quickly after getting involved.

Each member of the organization has one vote, with the family heads being able to cast two votes.

Family Heads

The Heist
Ink Heist Head of the Heist Family. The clan uses his name to keep things easy and allow other members to hide if they so desire.

by Amoria

The Fordave
Frank Stein Head of the Fordave Family. Stein as he is affectionately known as, is the families go to doctor, scientist, and Grand Master Alchemist.
The Chalice
Alynys Chalice Head of the Chalic Family. Alynys' function in the clan is mainly that of support. She enjoys helping with potions, and can frequently be found in the lab with Stein if it's needed, or handles documentation and research as necessary for the family.

Voting Members

  • Mael Heist Wife of Ink. She is highly opinionated, and a fierce warrior in her own right.
  • Abraxas & Nyx Aften Abraxas is an Arch Mage and the families go to for most things magical. He is fiercly protective of every member of the clan.
  • Otto Chalice Otto works with Abraxas to enchant and create magical items for the family. He accompanies Solaris on Vampire business for the clan, even though he is not considered a royal vampire.
  • Fin Fenquen Fin is a former assassin and trains members of the clan in self-defense or to be assassins. He is Alynys and Belis' father and has no issue strong arming either one to keep the peace.
  • Johan Foust and Belis Fenquen Johan severs as an intemeditary between the 9-Hells and the Heist Clan, keeping relations with Asmodaeus and the Clan on good terms.
  • Michael and Solaris VaSir As one of the four "royal" vampires in the Heist Clan, Solaris severs as head of Clan VaSir and ensures that the interests of the Heist clan are met when vampires are involved.
  • Velvet and Gowther Heist Velvet and Gowther serve as the Clan's eyes and ears in the Kingdom of Groinsmirth, along with Fexiah and Sarri Tarakona.
  • MalRak and Elizabeth Skylar MalRak and Elizabeth keep an eye on the The Empire of Honevrast for the Heist Clan.
  • Hades and Harmony Ares Hades runs the clans largest source of information gathering with his Tal'Gin Spy Network.
  • Quzal and River Zachry Quzal and River are assassins with the clan.
  • Meltrin Legallow
  • Ilvilgia Jackson Gun master. Ilvilgia creates and maintains all of the families fire arms.

  • Junior Council Seats

  • Nori Heist
  • Miarah Chalice Tarakona
  • Maximus Chalice
  • Omis Heist
  • Luna Fordave Heist
  • Members

    Members of the clan are protected by the clan and are given first pirority when a need arises.
  • Fexiah and Sarri Tarakona
  • Cadius Tarakona
  • Nora and Chef
  • Betty & Juan Carlos
  • Culture

    The clan acts very much as a family. Children of each member of the clan tend to refer to more senior members of the family as aunt and uncle, which goes to further enchance the family atmosphere of the organization. Decisions are always made in a more democratic fashion with everyone's voice being heard. A near unamious vote is needed for the family to take action on events that do not immediately impact them, or on specific types of jobs.

    The clan has been known to put the good of the many over the good of a few and will reject jobs that do not benefit a large group of people.

    Each member of the family peforms a specific role in the family, with some of the roles overlapping, which helps the clan complete more assignments at one time.

    Which organization do you belong to?


    • Hiest Clan Headquarters
    Founding Date
    Illicit, Syndicate
    Alternative Names
    VaSir Clan
    Predecessor Organization
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    Public Agenda

    It's strange. I've seen the Heist Clan make a decision to specifically cause chaos in a community, or destroy a tyrant, or even drive an inventor mad to complete their currnt project, but I've never seen them hurt an innocent. They seem to be playing a long game that the rest of us can't see.
    — anonymous individual in Bacon

    The clan is known to prioritize the good of the many in both the vampire community and the rest of the world. They do not follow coventional mindsets or shun individuals based on anything other then their own actions.

    While they prioritize the good of the many, they have rarely been known to turn their back on someone who they have previously put their support behind. If someone they have previously supported changes drasticaly and seems to do things to harm the many, they are quick to step in and put a stop to it before to many are affected.

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