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Nilbadah (Nil-bad-ah)

The blood fountain is such a unique feature to look at while my son sees Dr. Stein. I find it a little odd that a Tiefling was just sacrificed at it though. Apparently he had a luch date with the Overlord of Hell.
— Enania Elatumal

Most famous for it's blood fountain, a symbol of Vampire and damphire acceptance by the city, Nilbadah sits near the source of Hells Gate. The city thrives in the foothills of the Adamant Spires and Pomlan Peaks, mostly due to the interesting people that call the city it's home.

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  • Nilbadah


Primary Race
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Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The City at Hells Gate
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Settlements around the souce of the Hells Gate were very common, the city itself wasn't founded until 600. The Castle ruins to the southwest, once belonged to the Fara family, an elven Family that rulled these lands for the kingdom of Bacon and died off around the year 450. Shortly there after the Vakas Manor hall was built, after a series of, what some claim were sabatoage, the family fled in 525, and the origional settlement moved closer to the river from there.


The city is one of the main importers, in the Golden Kingdom of Bacon, of blood from the very legal blood market operated by a company known as the Totally Legal Trading Company . No only is blood imported for our citizens, it's also imported for our famous blood fountain. The Blood Fountain is our pride and joy.

Major Imports
  • Textiles
  • Pork and Bacon products
  • Alcohol
  • Blood
Major Exports
  • Armadillo hide
  • Aloe
  • Tungesten



Every seven years the citizens of Nilbadah get to elect the City Mayor, and every eight years the rest of the city council. Elections are held ever 3-4 years as necessary with the mayor and council members never being elected at the same time. While elections are held the Mayor and the council have complete decision making power. As such The Heist clan makes sure to always have a member on the council to help nudge governmental policies in their favor.


The city sits nestled at the start of the Hells Gate River, in the rolling hils found between the Adament Spires and the Pomalan Peaks.

Special Features

  • Haunted Hilltop Manor: 5.49 miles southeast
  • Mud Pits: 2.64 miles south
  • Fossils: 4255 feet east
  • Insect Mounds: 5.48 miles northwest
  • Castle Ruins: 3.72 miles southwest
  • Blood fountain: northern market square

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Blood Fountain

The The War of Pryesh resulted in an influx of Dhamphirs, and Vampires in the Golden Kingdom of Bacon. As such the city made the decision to welcome the Dhamphirs by draining one of the fountains and filling it with blood purchased through the very legal blood trade. As blood is thicker then water, some extra work on the fountain was needed and local scientist Dr. Stein, along with a couple very tallented mages were brought in to help bring the project to fruition.

Aegimius tiara




Notable Citizens

The Hesit Family
While only Ink and his wife Mael live in the city, the members of the family are often in and out, prefering the businesses here in Nilbadah. As such the Heist family is responisble for much of the cities economy. And they give a considerable amount to the upkeep of the city.
The Chalice Family
Mr. Chalice is one of the cities primere enchanters, working with his long-time business partner Mr. Aften, who presides outside of the city. Mrs. Chalice is one of the cities leading suppliers in healing potions, and helps keep growing conditions for the farms optimal.
Dr. Frank Stein Fordave
The cities best doctor. It is said that individuals from all over the Golden Kingdom of Bacon come to Nilbadah to get Dr. Fordave's input and assistance with medical conditions that others aren't able to help with. The doctor swears he doesn't use magic, but with the types of conditions he treats it's hard to believe him.

Natural Resources

  • Metamorphic: Marble
  • Sedimentary: Travertine and Limestone
  • Minerals: Flouride
  • Metals: Tungsten
  • Semi-Precious: Amethyst
  • Warm Seasons: Kiwicha
  • Cool Seasons: Triticale and Oats
  • Food: Triticale, Oats, and Kiwicha
  • Animal Feed: Oats
  • Leafy: Lettuce
  • Root: Beets
  • Cruciferous: Cabbage
Utility Crops
  • Fiber: Hoopvine
Stone Quarries
  • Gathers Travertine
  • 52 workers
Ore Mines
Shaft Mine
  • Gathers Tungsten
  • 120 workers
Flora and Fauna
  • Livestock: Alatau (Cattle)
  • Prey: Mice, Armadillo, and Antelope
  • Predators: Lions and Tigers
  • Aquatic: Smelt, Perch, Trout, Pike, Bass, and Catfish
  • Grass: Leafy Reedgrass, Deergrass, Tufted Hair Grass, and Feather Reed
  • Shrubs: Aloe Vera and Black Chokeberry
  • Moss: Catherine's Moss

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