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Sitting along the eastern coast of the Thundering Beck, the city of Bacot serves as the last port of call for many river captains before they attemp the journey up Limingterre Run. As such, the city is well known for it's generous entertainment and vast array of docks. Even with lower then historical elemental activity any ship leaving the city for Carne is advised to do so with at least one other ship. Harbor Master Warmmoon keeps a strict schedule and will frequently assign ships from Bacot to accompany an urgent ship through the Run and up to the entrance of Carne.

Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.
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Founding Date


Primary Races
Vedalken & Halfling
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The city was founded in 581 after the Empire of Honevrsat realized the missed opportunity it was to have a port for ships traveling the Thundering Beck. Knowing the travel on the Beck was easy, the empire determined that having a port some distances away from the turbulant waters of the Run would serve as a welcome retrieve, and while they're at it could help to pad the pockets of the empire and those they send to run the city.

The discovery of an ancient mining complex to the east shocked many individuals in the 620's. It is believed that the mining complex is some how connected to the Ruins of Puku to the north, but scholars from Groinsmirth and Honevrast have been unable to confirm this.


Since it's founding, the city has become a vacation spot for many of the empires elite. Children beg their parents to allow them to come see the elementals of the forest without getting close enough to be stolen or lured by them.

The city's proximity to elementals provides the city abundant opportunity to harvest and sell elemental trinkets and essences throughout Delesia. Through lucrative trade deals made by the empire, the city is able to invest much of the proceeds back into tourism, and the shipping industry.

Besides shipping and tourism the city has an abundance of wood, and ores. Limestone and Bamboo are in high demand throughout the Empire, and Bacot is more then capable of supplying it.


Running the city is no easy feat, and is handled by an elected mayor. Getting onto the ballot proves difficult for many of the individuals of the city, essentially allowing the city to be controled by a rotating group of the city's elite families and anyone else who has the 3500 gold to submit their name to the ballot.


The city of Bacot sits along the eastern edge of the Thundering Beck, amoungts the rolling planes and hills of Honefrast's western border. Access to the river makes the city the last chance for many captains to turn around, or redistribute cargo going up the Beck to the Run, and destined for Carne.

Special Features

  • Whispering Woods: across the river
  • Moving Trees: 4.71 miles west
  • Abandoned Mining Complex: 5.42 miles east
  • Giant Shell: 1.73 miles northwest

Districts & Shops


  • Bakery
  • Inn
  • Tavern
  • Military

  • Armorer
  • Blacksmith
  • Training Grounds
  • Business

  • Punny Emporium
  • Docks

  • Tavern
  • Great White Entertainment
  • Harbor Master's office
  • Craftsmen







  • Temple to Wild Mother

    Notable Citizens

    Harbor Master Faylie Warmmoon
    Elected harbor master after her return from Carne in 669. When she was finally able to convicne a group of merchant ships to sail the Run together. Every ship returned to Bacot in one piece and with their entire crew.
    Judy Flameskull
    Ralph Floastmoon
    Gal Gigawatt
    Frederick Gizmobob

    Natural Resources


    • Sedimentary: Laterite, Chalk, Travertine, and Limestone


    • Minerals: Flouride
    • Metals: Nickel


    • Warm Seasons: Chia
    • Cool Seasons: Wheat and Spelt
    • Food: Chia, Wheat, and Spelt


    • Root: Potato and Beets
    • Stem: Celery

    Utility Crops

    • Oil: Sesame

    Stone Quarries

    • Gathers Chalk
    • 85 workers

    Lumber Camps

    Lumber Camp
    • Gathers Hornbeam
    • 12 workers
    Logging Camp
    • Gathers Hickory
    • 46 workers
    Lumber Camp
    • Gathers Bamboo
    • 18 workers

    Ore Mines

    Shaft Mine
    • Gathers Flouride
    • 120 workers

    Flora and Fauna

    • Livestock: Bargur(Cattle)
    • Prey: Wild Rabbit, Peccaries, and Antelope
    • Predators: Cougar
    • Aquatic: Trout, Smelt, and Catfish
    • Trees: Bamboo, Hickory, Hornbeam, Oak, and Cottonwood
    • Grass: Pampas Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, Tall Fescue Grass, Deergrass, and Oat Grass
    • Shrubs: Sagebrush, Aloe Vera, Blueberry Bush, and Butterfly Bush
    • Moss: Baby Tooth Moss and Tamarisk Moss
    • Vines: Bleeding Heart

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