Menait Dynasty
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It is said that less then a century ago a tortle named Niro led a group of settlers to the area now known as Aquacrest. The refugees quickly set up a home in the area and agreed to the rule of the Menait Dynasty. Shortly after the founding of the town Niro's son Miska discovered the strange pit and heard moaning coming from it. Their spiritual leader is said to have visited the pit and determine that the only way to appease the spirits living within was to add new spirits by tossing in the bodies of their recently deceased.

Despite its small size, Aquacrest has a rich history filled with various events and conflicts. One notable event was the Battle of the Lake, where the townspeople successfully defended their settlement from an invading army. The battle is still celebrated every year with a festival.

Another significant event in Aquacrest's history was the arrival of a group of human settlers who sought to claim the town's resources for themselves. The tortles were able to successfully repel the invaders, but the conflict left a lasting distrust between the two groups.


Rich in sunflowers and alpaca's the town has made a name for itself in the Dynasty for it's amazing alpaca wool and the sunflower oil that it seems to produce in massive quanities. The town produces enough of these two materials to send a steady supply to White Cliff, and occasionally up the river to Rockham during a great year.

The town also hosts a rather remakable bakery known as Mama Pizzele's. Some claim it's a front for the infamous Strawbery Boi's, but we've found no validity to this claim. Her grandson Eduardo might have served as reference for the Eduard action figure popular throughout the dynasty, but as far as Joon was able to determine that is as far as the connection goes. Mama Pizzele says she uses all local materials for her infamous biscotti and cannoli.

Major Imports
Major Exports
  • Alpaca Wool
  • Sunflower Oil


All government representatives of Aquacrest are selected at random. All instersted parties for the position gather together to partake of the ceremonial stew, Pumpwizack Swine Stew, to select the new mayor. The stew is generally made with pumpkin, celery and boar meat, and contains a single bean. Which ever candidate finds the bean in their bowl becomes the new mayor for the next three years. Other government officials are chosen in a similar manor, all serving 3 year term before coming up for reelection.


The town sits upon a cuesta along the coast of Silverwater Bay and Glasir's Vein. Many visit the town to see Silver flow, the waterfall that allows the vein to continue out into the Teal Domain. While this particular cuesta is not considered part of the Dragonfire Lands, to those who visit they think that it is just a continuation of the Lands that

Special Features

  • Ancient Burial Grounds: 1.66 miles west
  • Cuesta: 2,356 feet southwest
  • Bottomless Pit: 5,246 feet northwest
  • The Pit

    Many in the town claim the pit is haunted, and have since taken to sacrificing their dead to the pit in order to appease the spirits that haunt it. After a thorough investigation of the pit, we have determined that the pit is not haunted, and the moaning noise comes from tunnels that seem to be a part of the Serene Caverns. We were able to discern some magic in the pit but were unable to pinpoint the exact type. After traversing the pit Joon and I sat whispering about possibilities that could make the pit seem bottomless. But could not settle on a definitive reason. We did come to the conclusion that a worldsmith may be needed to further investigate.



    • Great Temple
    • Amphitheater
    • Inn
    • House of Leisure
    • Herbalist
    • Bathhouse
    • Carpenter
    Shanty Town
    • Dance Hall
    • Altar
    • House of Leisure
    • Thatcher
    • Mama Pizzelle's Bake Shop
    • Soothsayer
    • Stable

    Notable Citizens

    Mama Pizzelle
    A myceloid who is known to make a mean biscotti and cannoli. Her grandson Eduardo is known to sit in the shop and keep customers in line.

    Natural Resources

    • Cool Seasons: Buckwheat, Rye, and Quinoa
    • Food: Buckwheat, Rye, and Quinoa
    Flora and Fauna
    • Livestock: Sheep and Alpaca
    • Prey: Jackrabbit, Rat, Deer, and Boar
    • Predators:Tigers and Kit Fox
    • Aquatic: Bass, Smelt, Clams, Catfish, and Catfish
    • Trees: Locust and Dogwood
    • Grass: Cloud Grass, Deergrass, and Tall Fescue Grass
    • Shrubs: Abelia, Raspberry Bush, and Black Chokeberry
    • Moss: Tamarisk Moss
    • Leafy: Lettuce
    • Marrow: Pumpkin
    • Stem: Celery
    Utility Crops
    • Oil: Sunflower

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