The Serene Caverns

The Serene Carverns the only cave system that traverses the majority of the Dragonfire Lands. The easiest entrance is along the shore of the King Depths south of Deepholc. According to the records we could find the system has only been traversed from the entrance south of Deepholc to the enterance near the Giant steps and Rockham one time in the year 325.

Legends say that the caverns were first discovered in -5,951 by Smeak Ticel. It wasn't until 291 that the caverns began seeing regular use.



The easiest entrance for most to use is off the coast of the King's Depths. As of the writing of this report, the eastern entrance serves as the base of operations for Y'on Mining Group. The current forman claims that whenever they remove a vein of gems from the mines, another vein seems to take it's place.

This of course has led to many miners getting lost in the caverns, some never coming back at all. In order to help mitigate this risk, the miners have taken to remaining on a harnass of sorts, allowing them to follow a lead back to the entrance of the mine.

Unique Gems & Ores

a dazzling green gemstone with a ocean blue core.The gems are sought after by magic users for their defensive properties
A beautiful yellow/orange stone, that many claim help with the hypnosis process. The stone is warm to the touch and has been known to enhance electrical magic.
Mauve Wuldolite
While wuldolite typically comes in a rainbow of colors, the mauve version seems to be the most rare. This particuar stone is known to have calming properties and helps the holder feel safe and warm.
a unique ore that exists on the western side of the caverns. The stone giants frequently trade this for literature and materials that allow them to better learn about the "surface dwellers" as they call us.
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Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.

Important Landmarks

The mines on the eastern side of the caverns extend in about 4 miles (approx 6.5 m), after that knowing which tunnel to take is vitally important.
Approximately 7 miles (11KM) in is where most adventurers, or individuals come across their first dwarven village. The village is run by the Drakeforge clan. Many guides claim that small dragons, or very large psudodragons, sit atop the columns that mark the entrance to the village and will screetch when individuals near.
Stone Giant's Lair
The western most entrance is used primarily by a group of stone giants. Relatively passive, the giants prefer individuals not using their entrance without prior concent, except when someone is exiting the caverns.

Flora and Fauna

A unique herb that grows in the dark regions of caverns found on the second steep. The closer to Eagleband the caverns are the more witchbright seems to grow. This herb has been particularly useful in combatting magical confusion.
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Sorar Rot
A pungent herb that grows in caverns and tunnels closest to the large cities and their sewar drainage.
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Kraki Leaves
Found along the edges of the crevices on the first step of the Dragon Fire lands, the leaves grow best in caverns or crevices that have access to the sunlight.
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Wolves can be found throughout the middle levels and close to the entrances of the caverns. They particularly like entrances to the caverns that are hidden within forests, which help to conceal their dens.



Travel through the caverns is difficult, but can be done with the right guide, which are available to be hired from Deepholc. These guides are often costly, but can get you through the mine in approximately 4 days, avoiding common routes and tunnels used by it's denizens. For most travel through the caverns is beyond impossible, and it is ofter more feasible to go over the Dragonfire Lands, and stopping in Eagleband.


Traveling through the caverns is done at YOUR own risk. Y'on Mining Company is not responsible for any adventurer, or miner not of our employ getting lost in the mines.

Y'on Mining Company is contracted by the Menait Dynasty for this job. The views expressed by Y'on Mining Company are our own and not the views of the Menait Dynasty.


Stone Giants
Western side
These giants are gentle, so long as no one tries to make an entry through the Western cavern entrance without prior concent. Sadly because of the longevity of a Giant, and the slow nature with which they process, most seeking access never get it.
Eastern side
There are a couple known clans of dwarves that make these caverns their homes. These dwarves have ventured close enough to the eastern entrance to trade with Y'on or some of the traveling merchants that do business with Y'on, but prefer to stay within the darkness of the caverns.
Dark Faries
Dark fairies enjoy the deeper levels of the caverns. Every once and a while they will venture to one of the higher levels to find a particular food, or material for crafting.
Gnolles love the deep dark environment found within the caverns. Most often they are on the mid levels of the caves, searching for food that may stumble in. They almost always travel in packs, ready to attack an adventurer or a lost miner.
Quite frequently you can hear the rap-tap-tapping of hammers from the gnomes that makes parts of the caverns their homes. The caverns provide the gnomes raw materials a plenty.
Moe from the Y'on group heard tale from one of the dwarves about a minotaur that lives in the southern reaches of the caverns. As if the caverns' weren't dangerous and confusing enough, now there's a labyrinth inside them too?

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