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Dragon Flame Lantern

It is said that if Tiaphon is brought back to the material plane and ever gets ahold of the Dragon Flame Lantern that she will end the entirety of Aegimius. And while I don't entirely know that this is true, what I do know is that Tiaphon sits on the Isle of Kraten, with nothing more than a spark, furious and waiting.
- Mael Heist


The origins of the Dragon Fire Lantern are shrouded in mystery, but there are two very distinct camps. One claims that the lantern was crafted by the All-hammer and Bahamut together to hold the flame of Tiaphon. The other says that ancient technology was used to capture the flame from Tiaphon's throat as she attempted to lay waste to the lands now known as Hellonde. What both seem to agree on is that Tiaphon herself would stop at nothing if she was freed from her prison in the 9 Hells, to retrieve her flame and lay waste to the lands of the material plane.


Many attempts have been made to duplicate the lantern, all of which have failed. The best magic workers and scientists have created countless diagrams and research notes on the lantern, and all the properties they could discern from it, and still no duplicate has ever been successfully produced. While toys, paintings, and reliefs of the lanterns exist, a physical copy of the lantern, without the flame, has never been achieved.

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No one knows for sure how the lantern came to rest in the hands of the Meniat Dynasty. There have been claims that the Meniat Dynasty stole the lantern from the Icriba Empire, while the Huabais Ughat, leader of the dynasty, claims to be a direct descendent of Noladin. Neither can be proven.

From the records available in the Dynasty, the lantern has been kept in Eagleband for the last 40 generations, roughly 500 years. The lantern only leaves its vaulted protection once a year to make its way to The Ancestral Tower's temple to the All-Hammer for the Fest of Parents.

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Item type
Unique Artifact

Excerpt from the Tome of Six

Before the Age of Vudos, before the start of the great city of Kia Pai, Disment Umbrus ruled the land. Then came the Atu. The Atu Tara unleashed their mighty power, breaking the disment Umbrus and freeing the land. The vudo of the Atu spread, like ragnis, forming and shaping the land, making way for Kia Pai and the champions.

Kota-Morth seeing the danger of one of the atu-tara, called upon Noaldin, his champion. A container was forged by Kota-Morth and the da-atu-tara to contain the power of the other. Noladin was to take the container to Dinas...

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