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The Ancestral Tower

Sitting on the edge of the Kiadu Wilderness the Ancestral Tower is a religious complex made up of temples to the Boraos, Jarned, Thita. and Ivdur. The complex is one of the few areas in the Menait Dynasty that allow humans regular entry.

The temple complex is well known throughout Hellonde as a center for communication between Menait and the Icraiba Empire.


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Temple to the Boraos

Busy with activity from dawn to dusk, the temple of theBoraos turns none away. The temple is one of the few buildings in southern Hellonde that boasts both Menait and Icraiba influences. The temple has many gold and torquoise decorations and is known to import brazier's that light with the dawn from artificers in Icraiba.

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Temple to the Jarned

Jarned is worshiped as one of the paramount gods of the Menait Dynasty, as legend states that he forged the Dragon Flame Lantern that gives the Dynasty it's power and holds the flame of Tiamat. The temple is built from the same white stone that is common throughout architecture of the region. Once a year the Lantern is brought from the capital of Eagleband, to the temple for the Fest of Parents.

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Temple to Thita

The Temple to Thita is most occupied by individuals from the Icraiba Empire. The temple is adorned with various metal pieces, as is common in archeticture of the Icraiba Empire.

In addition to being the goddess of the Icraiba Empire, many artificers worship the Thita, thanking her for bringing about what ever change led to the finding of the ancient technologies.

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Temple to the Ivdur

Weather through magic, or it's association with Ivdur, the temple dedicated to him at the tower seems to be shrouded in a constant storm, testing the strength of his followers. the temple boasts two enterences, one atop a long staircase, that tests the endurance of the worshiper, and another below, that allows young children, elderly, and the sick to continue to worship. Suprisingly the lower entrance is rarely used even by the weakest individual. Worshipers will often help those that are weak from illness, age or are to young to treck the stairs and prove their worth to the Tempest Bringer.

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Temple / Religious complex


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