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The Disrupter; Keeper of the Wheel of Time

With the power to disrupt and transform Thita is revered and feared by those who seek to maintain the status quo and hold too tightly to oppression or tradition. She is a beacon of hope and progress and works tirelessly to bring about positive change in Aegimius.

To some she is instead seen as a dangerous force that threatens to upset the delicate balance of power and plunge this world into chaos.


Thita is a tall, slender woman with long, flowing hair that changes color depending on her mood. Her piercing eyes display a mix of wisdom, power and playfulness. Her cloak shimmers with the colors of the rainbow, signifying her power over time and change. She is often depicted holding a staff or wand, which is adorned with symbols of the Wheel of Time.

She is said to be both nurturing and destructive embodying both growth and chaos. While see as a goddess of order and progress, the importance of chaos and disruption are not lost on her for brining about change. She is said to value knowledge and wisdom above all else, and her followers embrace change and seek knowledge in all things. It is said that her power over time and change is unparalleled.


To Iarus, Thita is considered even more dangerous in her role as the disrupter, frequently upsetting the delicate balance of power that he and his followers have worked hard to establish throughout Aegimius. While Thita and her followers work to bring about a brighter future, Iarus seeks to keep the system firmly in his grip of tyranny and oppression.

Holy Day

The Day of Transcendence is a day to reflect on the past and look towards the future, progress and change are celebrated and those who have brought about positive transformations in society are honored.

celebration frequently include the sharing of stories and ideas along with discussions on ways to bring forward a better future. Acts of charity and kindness are prominent on this day, along with helping those in need and working to make the world a better place.


  • Embrace uncertainty and be willing to face the unknown with courage.
  • Forge alternative paths and take risks to learn, grow, and create.
  • Empower others to create change and bring progress.
  • Respect the cycles of time, their importance and power.
  • Do not be afraid to challenge the status quo and introduce new ideas and perspectives to bring about progress and change.
  • GM
    Which organization do you belong to?
    • Order
    • Progress
    Current Location
    The Turning Point
    Order of the Shifting Horizon

    Day of Transcendence

    For Storia Calendar
    Blorowth 1
    Milleadh Calendar
    Indis 50

    The goddess of order and the lord of oppression met at the edge of the world, where the sky met the sea. Thita stood tall and proud, her cloak shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, while Iarus loomed dark and menacing, his iron fists clenched tightly at his sides.

    The two regarded each other in silence for a moment, each sizing up the other's strength and resolve. Then Thita spoke, her voice like the wind that blows across the vast expanse of time.

    "Your grip on them is too tight, Iarus," she said. "It stifles progress and growth, and prevents society from evolving and improving."

    Iarus snorted in derision. "Your precious progress is nothing but chaos and instability. My rule brings order and stability to Aegimius,"

    She shook her head. "Order without progress is stagnation. And stagnation leads only to decay and ruin."

    [payee speak in riddles and half-truths, Thita," he spat, baring his iron teeth in a snarl. "But I know your true intentions. You seek to overthrow me and seize power for yourself."

    [per seek only to bring about progress and change," she replied, narrowing her eyes. "If that means overthrowing tyrants like you, then so be it."

    With that, the two clashed in a fierce battle, their powers of order and oppression colliding in a violent storm of energy and force. The outcome of the confrontation was uncertain, but one thing was clear: the conflict between Thita and Iarus would continue to rage on, as long as the forces of progress and oppression remained at odds with each other.

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