Master of the Winds, The Tempest Bringer

Known for his love of nature and his deep connection to the natural world, along with his strength and courage, Ivdur is often depicted with hunters, adventures, and warriors heading into battle. Known to bring tumultuous storms capable of destroying cities, crops and ships, we often praise him when the weather is fair. It is his blessing that many adventurers and warriors seek before embarking on a dangerous journey, seeking his protection and power to overcome adversity and achieve impressive feats.

Ivdur roams among the warriors and battles of the Stormy Battlegrounds, where storms rage and winds howl. The winds often carry the battle cries of warriors heading into battle, or celebrating a victory.


He is depicted as a towering figure, with broad shoulders and rippling muscles, a symbol of physical strength and prowess. His hair and beard are wild and unruly, reflecting the chaotic energy of the storms he brings.


Stading against Ivdur is Iarus, the Lord of Oppression. There are those in Aegimius who see Ivdur and Iarus as brothers, Ivdur being the eldest, and Iarus being a much younger brother, trying to seize control from his elder brother.

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The brothers clashed as lightening split the sky above. Ivdur, strength and courage personified, stood tall and proud, his hair and beard wild and unruly. Iarus, the Lord of Oppression, wielded a dark power, determined to gain the upper hand. As their battle raged on, the tempestuous winds around them summoned an epic storm. In the end, Ivdur emerged victorious, and the Stormy Battlegrounds were forever changed.


  • Respect the power of the winds and the tempest they bring. Recognize that Ivdur's wrath can be both destructive and necessary for renewal.
  • Protect and preserve the natural world. Strive to maintain the balance and beauty of nature.
  • Be strong in both mind and body.
  • Courage in the face of adversity is paramount. Brave my tempests, and come out stronger.
  • Strength and courage should help others. Protect those in need.
  • GM
    Which organization do you belong to?
    • Tempest
    • Nature
    • Strength
    • Courage
    Current Location
    Stormy Battlegrounds
    Temple of the Tempest
    Divine Classification

    Holy Day

    Ivdur's holy day is the 13th day of the third month and is known as the Festival of Strength. During this festival, physical challenges and competitions are held, allowing many to show their own strength and courage. It is said that any adventurer who sets out on their journey before dusk of this day is met with the blessing of Ivdur and will return successfully in their journey.

    Festival of Strength

    For Storia Calendar
    Zenith 13
    Milleadh Calendar
    Ziri 13

    Cover image: by MandoMc Designs
    Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney


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