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Isle of Kraten

I tracked Bueno to Kraten in Avernus. The little arch-devil honestly thought he could outsmart me. Well to put it lightly his corpse has now made the island that mujch larger. Let's see those arch-devils think their better then me now.
— Iziel
Known affectionally by many arch-devils as Asshole island, this is one of many islands found within Avernus. The Isle is often the final resting place for devils, arch-devils, fiends, arch-fiends, and any other individuals who piss off those stronger then them. Home to Tiaphon, those who stand against the Overlord of Hell often come here as their final resting place.


Like much of this layer of hell the island is comprised of obsidian, crystals, and low barren hills. The River Styx cuts through the island at various locations, including going around the barbed tail and following the island up through what is affectionatly known as Tiaphon's Jaws. An area of the island characterized by sharp mountains of obsidian and quartz and large cliffs.


Like much of Avernus the island is a dry and baren landscape. The heat from the lava makes it nearly impossible for life to exist, with the expection of elder vutts, who come to Avernus to live out their end of days and torment Tiaphon, Frigid Civets, Scalding Hair, and Flaxith.

Fauna & Flora

The isle is known to serve as home to the following creatures and plants:

by MandoMc Designs

by MandoMc Designs

Elder Vutt's
This special and uncommon creature is a type of mammal. It's about the size of a pig, has four legs and a long, fluffy tail.
They have a thin, rough skin covered in short, fluffy fur which is usually either dark red, light brown, dark brown or dark purple or a combination of these colors. While acustomed to the heat of the nine hells, the Vutts prefer to live out the end of ther long lifespans closer to the material plane, where they can freely munch on the various rocks and crystals.
Frigid Civet's
A type of amphibian native to the warmer areas of the nine hells, this salamander has six legs and a long thin tail. Their soft and elicate skin is often a shade of light purple to dark blue.
These creatures are often found in lower areas of the isle that the lava rivers often cover. Despite spending most of their time lounging in the lava pools and river, these creatures are curiously cold to the touch.

by MandoMc Designs

A rare giant plant that grows along the cliffs near pools of lava. It blooms once a decade. The plant is easily identified by it's large fanshaped purple leaves and Crimson red flowers. This plant is has psychotropic properties and can be used in the making of the potion of Mind Reading, banned in many areas of the material plane.
Scalding Hair
A favorite of Tiaphon, this plant grows exclusively on the isle due to the unique combination of sulfur, and decomposing bodies (both from Tiaphon, and other warriors).
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  • Isle of Kraten
    Here on the Isle of Kraten Tiaphon sits, waiting for the time when her followers are able to return her to the material plane, powers intact. Until then, she sits, serving as a guardian of the Nine Hells, and devouring all those who oppose the Overlord of Hell and his claim to the throne.
Alternative Name(s)
Asshole island
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