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The town of Pastow sits at the mouth of the Choral Rill, which marks the eastern border of Londe, and it's neighbor the Golden Kingdom of Bacon.


The town is primarily made up of halfings who may or may not have made their fortune as River Pirates along the Choral Rill, or any of the other various rivers of Delesia.   Most of the town seems to be made up of rough looking halflings. Weather beaten, and worn. There is the occasional gnome, kobold, a lizardfolk or two, and some goblin looking creatures.   The restaurant seems to be run by a Tortle couple.

Industry & Trade

Much of the trade through Pastow comes by way of water as there are not many who would dare to brave the Withered Badlands. For the rare traveler who has come by way of the badlands, the town serves as a respite, a chance to interact with what some would see as civilized people, while others would see as the very bottom of society.

Points of interest

Within Londe there are two points of interest near the town of Pastow. One, a series of mounds that some claim are from large insects that may fly and spit acid. (These claims have yet to be proven.) The second point in Londe is a set of ancient columns. The origin of these columns is unknown, but the craftsmanship is spectaular.   To the east just over the board in The Golden Kingdom of Bacon one can find an ancient temple. This temple seems to have a very similar craftsman ship to that of the columns. Could they possibly be related? Thus far all of th groups we have sent out to look into this have not returned. Could someone in Bacon be killing them? Could something at the temple or column ruins be capturing or killing them. Who in the world will ever figure this out?

Natural Resources

The area around Pastow is good for raising chickens, cattle, rabbits, sheep and camel. But bweware the Gila Monster and Sidewinder which find the above to be worth the danger of getting close to the town.   Limestone, granite and cobalt are harvested and shipped to the various markets throughtout the continent.
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Coastal Marine Gulf
Elevation: 230 feet above sea level
Distance from the Marine Coast: 1.49 miles
Ground Cover: 4%

Water Features


  • Salinity: salty
  • Depth: 194 feet
  • Navigable: Yes
  • Aquatic Animals: Sardine, Lobster, and Crabs


  • Salinity: brackish
  • Depth: 10 feet
  • Navigable: Yes
  • Aquatic Animals: Clams and Sardine

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