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Slip Landing

The people of Slip Landing are a unique bunch, occasionally caught out of time as the city shifts between two plains. As I stumbled upon the town on my way to Fulfibyr it seemed that the inhabitants were more focused on their own routines then greeting any stranger that walked through their walls. Many ignored me, though some of the children seemed rather courious. There was one elf, however, Amara, stuck in a loveless marriage....


Being part of the foothills of the Adamant Spires provides Slip Landing a decent amount of defense, along with the access to the river. Additionally the wall around the town proper, which seems to also indicate the outline of the area that phases between the planes.   There have been several instances, the lastes of which was during the War of Pyresh, where the city had to phase off of Milleadh in order to potect those within it.


Those who reside just outside the city proper tend to remain on Milleadh when the city shifts. As such these individuals are generally those that work at the Rock Pit, Woodcutter's Camp and the Drift mine gathering, Caliche, Rimu and Sodium. Many farmers also live outside the city, allowing them to tend to their crops throughout the year and maintain trade with Fulfibyr, Oldol, and Bedale.


They say that once, many full moons ago a tower appeared along the Western River. As travelers took notice of the tower along the river they decided to stop.


Being that the city shifts frequently between the planes of Milleadh and the Fae Wild, most of the buildings are made of marble imported from the Felspire Mountains. As with many elven settlements one can tell that care was taken in building the foundations of this city.

Natural Resources

When on the material plan the city as access to Catfish and clams in the Western River. Additionally the Porthy Forest provides the city with adequate Boar, blueberry's and barberry's.   When in the Fae Wilds food supplies involve Oysters, Dorade, and Lobster from the local Crater Lake. The forest around the lake is a good source of Catherin'es Moss, Bleeding Heart, Apricots and Beens.
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  • Slip Landing
    Nestled in the area between the Adamant Spires and the Porthy Forest Slip Landing is the town between two planes. A natural and yet unstable gateway between the Fey wilds and the material plane on Milleadh, the citizens of Slip Landing have grown use to the various time differentials as they cross planes.
Alternative Name(s)
The Town between
Large town


Population: 4,781 Primary Race: Elf
General Attitude: Curious and Inviting


  • Children: 1339
  • Adults: 2964
  • Elderly: 478
  • Ill/Infirm: 460
  • Known Criminals: 45


Road Construction: Wood Lined Roads
Main Irrigation: Furrow Irrigation

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