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Eagleband was founded in the year of 259, with the signing of the Accord of Seven Clans. This document helped to not only establish the city but also is considered the founding document of the Menait Dynasty. It is said that the land that the Supreme Chieftain's palace sits, is the exact spot that the Seven Great Chieftains met to sign the accord, and bring peace between the orcs of the Steeps as they were previously known.

After the signing of accord the Seven Great Chieftains chose one among them to reign as the "Supreme Chieftain" a title that has been taken on by each of the rulers in Eagleband.

In the Salting Season of 350, the Shadow War's started in Eagleband, where a malevolent faction known as the Shadow Council appeared and plunged the city into darkness. During this war, the warriors of Eagleband, which had been martial realized that they needed to learn the magical arts to truly fight against these soldiers. They sent many individuals from the city to seek aid from others in the Menait Dynasty, and the surrounding areas. In 356, an individual from Eagleband finally made their way into Hollowbury asking for aid from the newly formed Mageniti. It took another 4 years for the Shadow Wars to end and Eagleband to see daylight again.

In 550 rumors circled about the existance of an artifact of Tiaphon in the town of Sicagum in the Kiadu Wilderness. The Supreme Chieftain at the time sent a military unit into the town to confiscate the artifact and authenticate it. While they have confirmed that the unit did in fact take it from Sicagum, and installed a governor in the city, neither the lantern nor the unit made it back to the city. In 698, the knight Xugug gained notoriety for finding the Dragon Flame Lantern, and bringing it to the Supreme Chieftain.


The natural resources surrounding Eagleband play a vital role in its development. The city benefits from igneous stones like granite and sedimentary stones such as serpentine and limestone. Ores like antimony are mined from the region, supporting the city's metallurgical endeavors. In terms of agriculture, warm and cool seasons yield grains like millet, proso millet, and kamut, alongside root vegetables like potatoes and marrow vegetables like pumpkins. Kenaf, a fiber crop, is cultivated for its utility.

Major Imports
  • Fish
  • Iron
  • Salt
Major Exports
  • Chicken
  • Potato
  • Antimony


a prestigious and influential organization that plays a vital role in the city's culture, fashion, and economy. With a rich history dating back to the early days of the Menait Dynasty, the guild has evolved into a powerful institution known for its skilled artisans, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative designs
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Ruled by the iron fist of the @supreme, Bumph Gul, Eagleband, and ultimately the Menait Dynasty, operates similarly to that of an oligarchy. The Supreme Chieftain is said to have claimed their power in the heat of battle against an opponent of far greater strength. Their predecessor has been stricken from the records, and any who dare to speak their name are promptly and severely punished, often this punishment is a severe lashing by an appointed official, or guard.

Apart from rulling the Menait Dynasty and Eagleband, the Supreme Chieftain seems to control the group known as the Austere Conclave and Magneti in Hollowbury. While the order has acted as part of the Menait's army for several centuries now, they are not thrilled with the current political landscape.

Crest of the Supreme Cheieftian

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Sitting at the edge of the top tier of the Dragonfire Lands, the city of Eagleband is as humid as it is hot. To the South and west vast rolling red plains stretch for as far as the eye can see. To the North and East the bluff overlooking the lower steep stretches for several kilometers.

Special Features

  • Stream: 7.48 km east
  • Ancient Columns: 5.01 km south
  • Bluff: 152 m northeast


  • Smithy
  • Miller
  • Foundry/Smelting
  • Smithy
  • Wainwright*
  • Smithy*
  • House of Leisure
  • Cooper
  • Thatcher
  • Arcane Academics
gated & guarded
  • Outdoor Recreational Area
  • Inn
  • Stable
  • Tailor*
  • Altar to Tiaphon*
  • Dance Hall
  • Cobbler
Upper Class
lightly guarded
  • Bank & Exchange
  • Baker
  • Tailor
  • Luxury Furnishings
  • Doctor/apothecary
  • Stable*
  • Magic Misc & Curiosities
  • Weaver
  • House of Leisure
lightly guarded
  • Baker
  • Butcher
  • General Store
  • Smithy
  • Tailor
  • Magic Armor*
  • Tavern*
  • Rare Botanicals
  • Inn
lightly guarded
  • Bank & Exchange
  • Tailor
  • Artist
  • Cobbler
  • Punny Emporium
  • Scribes & Clerks Hired Help*
  • Magic Weapons
  • Artist
  • Rare Libations & Fare
gated & guarded
  • Archives/Library
  • Academy/University
  • Magic Books
  • Magic Jewelry
  • Magic Mercenaries
  • Magic Mercenaries*
  • Soothsayer*
  • Tailor*
  • Hired Help Arcane Academics
  • House of Leisure
  • Butcher
  • Inn
  • Tavern
  • Weaver
  • Baker
  • Barber
  • Club
*notable Locations

Notable Citizens

Babu Ganim
Emissary, Envoy from Icraiba Empire. Currently disappointed that Eagleband has been a letdown regarding the military domination that they are said to boast. Known in Icraiba to have a silver tongue, many in the city are tiring of his deception.
an Orc Knight revered for discovering and bringing the Dragon Flame Lantern to Eagleband. Xugug also achieved fame by capturing the great dragon Inanth. Despite their accomplishments, Xugug often appears distant, displaying a thousand-yard stare that hints at untold burdens

Natural Resources

  • Igneous: Granite
  • Sedimentary: Serpentine and Limestone
  • Metals: Antimony
  • Warm Seasons: Millet and Proso Millet
  • Cool Seasons: Kamut
  • Food: Kamut, Millet, and Proso Millet
  • Root: Potato
  • Marrow: Pumpkin
  • Alium: Garlic
Utility Crops
  • Fiber: Kenaf
Stone Quarries
  • Gathers Limestone
  • 101 workers
Ore Mines
Drift Mine
  • Gathers Antimony
  • 30 workers
Mountain Top Removal Mine
  • Gathers Antimony
  • 200 workers
Flora and Fauna
  • Livestock: Appenzeller (Chicken)
  • Prey: Desert Sheep, Mice, Gazelle, and Giraffe
  • Grass: Pampas Grass
  • Shrubs: Black Chokeberry and Butterfly Bush

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