Dragonfire Lands

The Dragonfire Lands with their large bluffs and vast planes make up the majority of the Menait Dynasty on the South Eastern coast of Hellonde, they are boarded to the South West by the Kiadu Wilderness, and King Depths, and to the North East by the Teal Domain.


The majority of the Dragonfire lands consist of large plains atop massive plateaus that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Three distinst plateaus have been identified that build off of one another. The lands boarder thin beaches along the King Depths and Teal Domain which allow caverns and various underground passages to be utilized for many that live in the area.

The Colissone Crag

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The Colisonne Crag is a set of chasms that sit on the first step of the Dragonfire Lands and have been known to claim the life of many adventurers. They can be found by traveling along the bluff to the East of Crowwind. The lands around the Crag are generally a deep red and orange color due to the sulphur and red smoke that rises from the Crag.

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Unique Properties
Foods grown in the region seem to have a unique warmth about them. The warmth persists until the food has been digested.

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