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Austere Conclave

The Austere Conclave is a magocracy that leads the city of Hollowbury. The council has exactly seven seats, the number was increased in 350 by one seat to keep ties from happening.


Joining the Conclave

Every three years an election occurs throughout the city to elect magical members of the city to sever on the council. Winners of the election then choose a current member of the conclave to magical dual. The winner of the dual takes the seat on the council.

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Double Duty

While the Austere Conclave serves as the governmental leaders of Hollowbury, they have a secondary mission that has grown over the last 400 years. The conclave operates throughout the Menait Dynasty as a group of secret protectors.

Those elected members of Hollowbury who loose the dual are offered a position to serve the Conclave as Magneti.

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Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
The Conclave

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